Close Your Doors: The Jehovah’s Witnesses are Coming!

Slowly and humbly they walk towards your house, fully equipped with the resources needed to challenge, to attack, to convert or to aggravate. Looking towards you they present a pleasant smile, you know they are coming for you, to take you out of ‘darkness’ into their everlasting light. A light so blinding you may have to turn your face away. Having such sensitive eyes you are compelled to run inside, close the doors and shade yourself. Am I the only guilty one? Am I the disrespectful one? Do you open doors, inviting entry as the Saints approach?


I’ve had several encounters with the witnesses, they always seem to catch me in the act. I cannot claim to be innocent, my claims will not stand up in court on the judgment day.

As a Christian myself I admire the persistence of the Witnesses. They are working very hard to secure a space in the book of life when the roll is called up yonder. If every Christian denomination was as determined, Jamaica would be the land of the converted.

My issues with this faithful group, are the doctrines they proclaim to be gospel. We worship the same God, love our brothers just the same but why make such a significant effort to convert others if you believe the final train can only accommodate 144,000? I don’t believe God has a ‘loada man’ who will force us to lap-up.It is very interesting to note that based on their beliefs the “Kingdom” cannot accommodate “Hall” of its members given that the membership of the church far exceeds 144,000.

Over the past 7 months I had two relatives admitted to the hospital who both needed blood transfusions during surgery. On two occasions I donated what appears to be a gallon of blood. I may have exaggerated just a bit there. But accepting their beliefs would mean allowing my relatives to wait a longer period for donations and who knows what could have happened. Would that be acceptable? And how do you, using scriptures, justify the act?

They alway seem happy to have an argument with me about various topics. I used to take note of the shuffling of persons as they approached and as a young teen it piqued my curiosity and I then engaged in so many discussions. In certain areas our beliefs are very contrasting, I believe in the trinity, one “God head” while they believe Jesus is the archangel and the holy spirit is simply a force of God. Whenever the issue of the Sabbath is mentioned our conversations tend to head towards a long debate. I believe in the 7th day Sabbath according to Exodus 20:8 and regarding this topic I am like a donkey, forced to the brook, I will not drink! I always leave them walking away with tails between legs as they fail to convert another one.

However, I really appreciate and admire the fact that all members of the church are ministers and they all work together to win souls for the kingdom. Imagine what the world would be like if other churches adopted this principle. Everyone is treated as one, no classes, no segregation of races and no discrimination, well, except for homosexuality which is not supported by the group.

It is very interesting to learn the varying beliefs based on the ‘same’ bible but I know one day all truth will be revealed, what an exciting day that will be. Everyone should have the right to choose, and if you believe the Jehovah’s Witnesses way is the way to go, feel free to leave all your doors open. As for me, I believe now I have learned enough to know that it will never be my path to tread.

– Aldeam Facey


7 thoughts on “Close Your Doors: The Jehovah’s Witnesses are Coming!”

  1. Lmao. Al you are something else. Trust me… I love your point about trying to convert many souls yet they believe only a certain number of people will make it ‘in’ – seem pointless to evangelize then. I have a friend who is a witness and like you she is a donkey that will never drink if you take her to the brook. *I enjoyed reading this*

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  2. good funny. the kingdom cannot hold HALL its members…Jamaicans, most of them, us, have an issue pronouncing words without the ‘h’ finding itself in front of the word hence highlighting it is just so funny. i dont usually say much about other denominations as i know how it feels to b spoken of, even if its in a undiscriminating way.good read tho.

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  3. Nice read, one thing to note tho, JW is not a “church” and they dont have ” ministers” so to speak… in fact they arent even formally recognized as a denomination. They have a “kingdom hall” and gather for ” meetings” with their fellow ” witnesses” they don’t go to church with fellow Christians. …. Something that always intrigued me when I hear my JW friends talk is their terminology.

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  4. Its interesting to hear what other persons have to say about a group that I am affiliated with. This is because I gain insight on how I can be a better person. However, as a proud witness, it is safe to say that we dont just say or do things without a reason. For instance the blood issue. Normally, when persons say JW dont give blood the conversation ends there. They never bother or stop to think why JW dont give blood. Well this is why. Leviticus 17:14. “You must not eat the blood of any sort of flesh, Acts 15:20. “Abstain . . . from blood.” To God blood is something sacred and JW dont want to abuse something that God holds sacred. Furthermore their are so many risks to blood tranfusion. Here have a look. . Did you know that even doctors say that blood substitutes have a higher success rate than blood transfusions. The thing is that blood transfusion is much easier. Personally i would not do blood transfer because im afraid of others person’s blood. But thats just me. It just dont set right with me. But it is a free world. You have free will. Anyways thats why JW abstain from blood.

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