An Investigation of the Increased Frequency of Vaginal ‘Consumption’ Among Jamaican Men: A Pilot Survey

Jamaica has for years embraced the culture of "oral sex rejection", men forbidden to taste the juices of the labia, women frowned upon for taking the pole in the other hole. The nation's opposition was clearly expressed in the music and 15 years ago one would not expect a public confession relating to the matter.... Continue Reading →

John Golding Road: I love What They Are Doing Here!

It is hard to imagine how the disabled living within the vicinity of the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation center (home of the physically challenged)¬†and neighboring communities get around considering the roads and sidewalks were apparently not built to accommodate the disabled! The sidewalks leading from Papine to the rehabilitation center was hardly sufficient to walk... Continue Reading →

The life and Death of Gully Bop’s Tooth: A Chew Story!

Gully Bop is the name of a Dancehall artiste who has had a sudden rise to fame after an amateur video of him performing went viral. Within a few months he transitioned from being homeless to performing at arguably Jamaica's biggest stage show, Sting! Physically speaking, Gully Bop is not the most well groomed man... Continue Reading →


The last blog article posted was very controversial. Several friends opposed the very idea of homosexuality, expressing very passionately that "Batty Bwoy fi ded" while others argued for equality. Conversations got very heated and many persons were offended. The article caught the attention of a certain gentleman on facebook via a group which was created... Continue Reading →

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