Portia! Quick! Cover Your Holes He Is Coming! – Why Barrack Obama Should Tour Jamaica

The historic visit of the leader of the free world is just hours away. The president is expected to arrive Today Wednesday April 8, 2015. ‘Barrack Obama’ is on the tongue of every man, specially selected roads are being fixed, planned events are being postponed access to various areas will be restricted. Are we getting ready with this much urgency for the second coming of Jesus? Are we fixing the roads to our hearts so that Jesus can walk in without having to struggle through our potholes of sin? mmh something for us to think about.

Barrack Obama (Photo credit - http://blog.heartland.org)
Barrack Obama (Photo credit – http://blog.heartland.org)

You may be familiar with the constant demonstrations for better roads which always seem to go unheeded, the claims of the government that the funds are not available, the rising taxes to cover the government’s budget. Well in my entire life I have never seen more road work being done as I have seen in the Kingston 6-7 area! Roads are being paved at the speed of light and work will continue until the president arrives. Imagine that Jamaica, where people sleep at nights, men are working around the clock!

I understand, however, you can’t have the president of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, riding, bumping in “Portia’s” many holes! But what I would have liked the president to do is tour the entire island.You would be surprised to see how fast the roads are fixed. Jamaica as a nation is very proud and no one would like the ‘negatives’ to be exposed. But what really are the ‘negatives’? People selling along Heroes circle? Weren’t they there for many years? Why not provide more presentable stalls for them? What is going to happen when the president leaves? Will they be allowed to restart their businesses?

With the resources the USA have, they already know what the LIFE OF A JAMAICAN is like. There is no need to hide as assessments were already done prior to the president’s visit. When I first heard of his upcoming visit to UWI, I thought it would present a great opportunity to take some pictures for my files. As it turns out, I am not worthy to see his face and even if I had a DSLR camera with powerful lens, it may not be a good idea to point anything at him!

I want Barrack Obama to visit the country, the deep rural parts of Jamaica where people have been begging for roads for decades, tour the hills of Giblatore, drive around Bog Walk gorge, make a visit to Tivoli, meet with people on the streets, not just the “vetted few”. I would like him to go to St Elizabeth and talk to people who use words such as “whae” and “bae”, places where “whae baeng deh deh” and “a Fufah whun” form a full sentence. I would like to see him take the bus, have a Loada man give him a seat, I would like to see him tour Jamaica EVERY corner as I’m sure, one tour will fix our land.

Of course, this is wishful thinking, it will never happen but I hope the meetings will be beneficial significantly, especially considering the efforts made to accommodate him for just a few days. I do hope that despite the power and influence he has, we would not be swayed by his every recommendation. The LGBT groups have been making their appeal, let us see how that goes.

I think he would really enjoy an authentic Jamaican experience, but this time it’s all about business. Next time I guess President Obama, next time.

– Aldeam Facey 2015


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