Poem: I Swiped Right


Why am I here? swiping away.

I’m just a swiper swiping.

Dora couldn’t stop me even if she tried.

Invented for the shy and the lonely.

Used by both the bold and the engaged.

With the greatest ease, left to trash and right to treasure.

This application will be around forever.

Left for the woman with the over-sized mole.

Left for the fat one.

Left for the skinny one.

Definitely left for the ‘happily’ married couple.

Left for the man because I don’t play those games.

Left for the white lady with the tiger in her selfie.

I ‘left’ the crazy life a long time ago.

Left for the girl making out with her boyfriend.

Why are you even here?

Left for my friends, because right would be weird.

Left for you old lady, you expect me to believe that you are twenty two?

Will I ever find the ‘right’  one here?

Just as I was about to delete the application.


For the busty Bajan beauty with the flowing Rastafarian locks.

Right because she stands out.

Right because that Caribbean queen cannot possibly be wrong.

Right for that short, sweet description she used for herself.

Right because I am constantly gazing at pictures of her.

Right, though I know other men are swiping her too.

Hips just right.

Thighs just right.

Smiles just right.

There is no need to swipe any longer, my swiping days are done.

It’s a match! She swiped me too.

– Aldeam Facey 2015


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