The Best Place To Buy Food At The UWI Mona Campus

The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, is the largest and most recognized tertiary institution in Jamaica. The campus accommodates thousands of local and international students of varying cultural backgrounds. It becomes quite necessary for the university to provide many dining options to facilitate the students' diverse  palate. It is very hard to find … Continue reading The Best Place To Buy Food At The UWI Mona Campus

Interdenominational Relationships: Can They Work?

When I was young, I had many interactions with young ladies of differing denominations, though extremely shy. But that was then, back in the days when I was a little handsome, when my charm preceded my corny wit, when I had many reasons to smile, when all was well with the world. Then, I was very … Continue reading Interdenominational Relationships: Can They Work?

Jamaican Nicknames

My grandmother is so nice they call her Miss Nicey, her sister is so cool,  they call her Miss Cooly, their brother is so hard they call him Maas Rocky. Given that I am so awesome, will they eventually call me.... Awe-sy!? In the lower and middle class Jamaican society, where bureaucracy and hierarchy fail … Continue reading Jamaican Nicknames

Lady driven cars: Are they better?

So I was in a taxi the other day and a car was driving very slowly ahead of the taxi. This was 'draining' the taxi driver's pocket, so he was not too pleased about it. He cursed "*hiss teeth* a mus wan woman a drive dat". The opportunity presented itself in the form of a … Continue reading Lady driven cars: Are they better?

Masturbation: The Touchy Topic

I'm sure you have heard of 'flicking the bud', 'scratching the itch', 'rubbing one out' or 'taking matters into one's own hand'. Whatever phrase you use to describe it, masturbation is a very well-known activity. Most persons are embarrassed to even speak of it, which raises the question, is masturbation a sin? Is it wrong … Continue reading Masturbation: The Touchy Topic

UWI’s New Hall Requires Prepayments Two Months in Advance!

In my previous article related to the new hall by '138 student living', I expressed my disappointment at the high cost of accommodation. My disappointment was further emphasized based on some information I recently received. It appears they are really serious about their business and are already screening out the poor who hastily applied without … Continue reading UWI’s New Hall Requires Prepayments Two Months in Advance!