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What are you searching for? Part 1

In order to find online articles, readers may visit a website directly, find links on social media, applications or through search engines. WordPress provides statistics regarding referrals to their blogs and often displays the search terms used. In 2013 Google started the mas expansion of search terms they encrypt for privacy reasons. As a result, […]

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Jamaican Cornmeal Pudding Recipe

Cornmeal pudding is very easy to prepare and has been a favorite among Jamaicans for as long as I can remember. Ingredients: 3 Cups Cornmeal 3/4 Cups Flour 2 Cups Sugar 1 Teaspoon Salt 2 Teaspoon Cinnamon Extract 1 Teaspoon Grated Nutmeg 1 Teaspoon Mixed Spice 2 Teaspoon Vanilla 1 Sachet of Maggie Coconut Milk […]

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How To Get Good Customer Service In Jamaica

It is well known that Jamaica has very bad customer service, at least when relating with other Jamaicans. Customer service agents (CSAs), whether by phone or in person, make it quite obvious that your problems are of no interest to them. Could it be that Jamaican CSAs are so honest, so real, that no form […]


Badminton: My Addiction

I love sports, I guess most guys do, and I play cricket, football and volleyball fairly well. I don’t get the opportunity to try new sports very often but just over a year ago, a ‘Flaavaful’ friend of mine invited me to play a game called badminton with him and a group of friends. My […]

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Art On Campus: UWI Mona

Paintings, sculptures and other art works found at the UWI Mona Campus. This post may be updated periodically. – Aldeam Facey 2015

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Transactions At The University Of The West Indies, Mona – A Postgraduate Student’s Point Of View

The Mphil/PhD programs at the University of the West Indies are research based programs which demand a lot of time and resources. Tuition is usually covered in exchange for work done at the associated departments. This work includes tutoring or demonstrating laboratory exercises. Candidates are usually offered a stipend paid in quarterly installments. On paper […]

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Conflict Of Interest #3: Should An Unmarried Christian Buy Condoms?

It is well known that having unprotected sex often leads to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. It is also well known that premarital sex is a sin, so for a Christian abstinence is the default setting that should be employed to avoid the aforementioned consequences. Unfortunately, many of us Christians are tapping the well […]

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Conflict Of Interest #2: A Stranger Sends You Credit Accidentally.

Today I received $200 credit from a number I couldn’t recognize. With a pleased countenance I tried to figure out who it was that made my day. I didn’t want to call and say ‘Who is this?’ as that may be offensive if it really was a friend. The person called, I answered, but before […]