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Conflict Of Interest #3: Should An Unmarried Christian Buy Condoms?

It is well known that having unprotected sex often leads to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. It is also well known that premarital sex is a sin, so for a Christian abstinence is the default setting that should be employed to avoid the aforementioned consequences. Unfortunately, many of us Christians are tapping the well before talking to Jesus, riding the horse before saddling up, sailing the sea before buying the ship. Only God knows how weak we men are, when women ostentatiously display the flesh before our very eyes. So, considering this weakness, should a Christian make preparations? for the cumming. Does buying a condom make you more likely to sin, even if it was not your intention, provided the risks are minimized? It is better to be safe than sorry, when it rains it is better to be covered than exposed.

Condom Bible

Here is my story

It was years ago, long before rainbows filled the Facebook pages, long before Obama greeted the massive, before I knew how to shop for food, I was shopping at UWI’s HILO branch. Yes, HILO, where the prices are high, and the quality is low. I was getting ready to check out when I looked to the left and I saw a variety of condoms. Immediately I thought to myself that I should get a few to save for a rainy day. But there is something very special about our conscience, and conflict of interests will evoke emotions when the conscience is at work. So I looked around to ensure the coast was clear, the store was almost empty, so I picked up a extra large Rider. I hid it in the midst of my groceries then turned around, HILO was full. I didn’t know where all those customers came from but all I could think about at that time was, ‘I have boots in my cart’. I was the last person in line at the check out, three persons in total. This never happened before or after, but every second there was a problem, “void transaction”, so I was waiting there a lot longer than I wanted. To my frustration more customers joined the line. At that point I knew exactly how it feels to smuggle drugs, I just wanted to check out and be on my way. after several interruptions, it was finally my turn to check out. I placed the items on the counter, boots, craftily concealed. The cashier was however moving very slowly and there was something mysterious about the feel of the environment. At this moment a church brother of mine walked in, gave a gentle wave and a smile. Many heartbeats were skipped on that day. I waved back while faking a smile, a very guilty smile. The cashier took up the pack of condoms, so slowly that I wanted to just shout! She looked at it, then at me, then at it, then scanned it. At this moment everyone was staring at me, or so it felt. Quite possibly, they were all minding their own businesses, it was just my conscience. She then left it exposed to open eyes but I hastily bagged it, with my head held down. I left the store with cold sweat running down my face, but I did it! The farmer now had his tools, will he plant a seed?

I know premarital sex is wrong, that is why a simple transaction was that tedious for me. It is better to avoid and wait for the right time.

Men, where it regards a relationship, put a ring in it before you put your ding in it.

What are your views?

– Aldeam Facey 2015

By Aldeam Facey

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2 replies on “Conflict Of Interest #3: Should An Unmarried Christian Buy Condoms?”

DWL!!! Another good one Aldeam. I think its always wise to have protection, but I dont believe it makes it easier for one to “Seal the Deal” as for many it is a spur of the moment decision. Very often persons opt to go ahead and “ding” (just to quote you) unprotected, which in turn may lead to an STI or CHILD.

The first time buying condoms was a little intimidating for me too, fortunately the casheir was a cute and curvacious young lady who gave me a warm smile before shouting to the back of the pharmacy “How much fi di purple Durex dem?” (-_-‘).

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Let me be clear on my views. Better to be safe then sorry. I do know that premarital sex is a sin, BUT the things they are teaching at school “ Oh just wait till Marriage” a lot of the times sadly doesn’t work and teenagers end up being pregnant. I feel like being safe is important christian or non – christian. Nothing is going to happen if someone has condoms with them. This type of message I find not educating because it is not encouraging kids to be safe. Although I wish everyone would wait till marriage a lot of people do not wait till marriage they should. If they are being safe still is not going to hurt them.


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