The Detrimental Effects Of Liberation

As a grand son of slavery, I must express my gratitude for the liberation of my people. I am thankful that the dark world of the oppressors was enlightened with the light of sanity and society now moves towards valuing all lives equally. In an ideal society there is no segregation, no discrimination and the freedom to express one’s self is guaranteed. But like the laws of physics, the ideal is just a theory, a concept that can never be achieved. As time progresses we move closer towards an ideal society but we will never get there. The reason for this is the vast variations of beliefs and cultures. In order to have an ideal society, we would all have to be the same gender, colour, height, of the same religious group AND denomination etc. While these variations exist society creates laws that govern our interactions. Laws that restrict activities for the safety of ourselves and others. Without these laws, there would be chaos.

Rainbow skull.

Liberation counters the binding effects of laws. Laws are constantly changing to facilitate freedom making once illegal activities, the norm. Marijuana has been decriminalized and while the negative effects of smoking marijuana are not as pronounced when compared to drinking alcoholic beverages, it’s decriminalization will encourage more users. This is very good for business, but bad for health (depending on how it is used). It is not fair to desire and acquire liberty for ourselves but make attempts to prevent others from achieving the same. Everyone should be free, as long as this freedom considers the conservation of all living resources.

So recently the gay community of the United States of America have been granted the right to marriage. I disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, Biologically speaking, it is not ‘natural’. I also believe that though a legal union, marriage is glued by the laws of God, a God who does not support homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22). But while this liberating movement is one with which I strongly disagree, does it really affect me? Does it remove the food on my table? At first I thought I wouldn’t want my child to grow in a world thinking such things are right, and I still do support this thought. The dreadful thing is that there are so many other things out there we wouldn’t want our children to assume is okay, drugs, sexual promiscuity etc. It will be the duty of parents to raise their children with a firm moral foundation. But we cannot stop liberation as society blindly supports anything with the word ‘freedom’ attached, while trampling the very thought of restrictions.

I have observed here in Jamaica that regarding homosexuality, educated persons are more ‘tolerant’ of the lifestyle even if they are of differing beliefs. Conversely, less educated persons are less tolerant. This is just an observation which I believe presents a great research opportunity. It is the absence of tolerance which makes this liberation detrimental. I can recall having a group conversation about homosexuality, where one person strongly shared his view that ‘batty bwoy fi dead’ (gay men should die), not knowing that the group consisted of persons more inclined towards the support of this lifestyle. This led to a major disagreement.

In the US just one year ago, the court ruled that a Christian bakery illegally discriminated against a gay couple for refusing to bake them a wedding cake. This is no simple issue, refusing to offer a service may be classified as discrimination, but offering the service may be contrary to their moral values. In such a case, whose freedom is being restricted? A homosexual marriage is never ordained by God so a pastor or priest should never be forced or asked to participate in such ceremonies. I assure you many more cases such as these will reoccur as the world is becoming a large ball of confusion. It is quite obvious that the ruling forces are trying to change the minds of society towards homosexuality. All the major hit TV shows have some amount of homosexuality; Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Modern Family, Family Guy and Orange is the New Black just to name a few. They convey worlds where it is normal to be abnormal. It is working?

I would not appreciate being unable to practice my religious beliefs though I know not everyone supports my belief. The same goes for other groups. The only way we can move forward is to be as objective as possible. With these issues, objectivity requires a high level of intellect, one that is achieved through education.

We all know blacks are still being oppressed as there are persons who still support racial discrimination. Complete freedom is an illusion, we will never be totally free and in some cases this is a good thing. But as we wait for the second coming of Jesus, let us live with the complete freedom of salvation.

The most detrimental effect of liberation, is societal tension.

– Aldeam Facey


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