Natural Is No Longer Good Enough

So I was dating this girl and she was super hot. She was hotter than the firey furnace, she was so hot if you threw the three Hebrew boys into her they would burn! Nebuchadnezar would have loved her. To put her in perspective on a scale of Queen Ifrika to Kaci Fennel she was … Continue reading Natural Is No Longer Good Enough

The University Of The West Indies Supports Farmers

Imagine a world where you could shop for fresh produce at an upper class University but pay downtown prices. Well you don't have to imagine it, the University of the West Indies (UWI) has made it possible. This Friday UWI will host yet another farmers market to make it easier for students and staff to … Continue reading The University Of The West Indies Supports Farmers

Why Do Jamaican Men Love Trinidadian Women?

During a discussion with a friend of mine, we both noted that many of the Jamaican men are hunting the Trinidadian meat. It led to the question; why do we find the Trinidadian women so appealing? Is it the accent? Is it the culture? Is it .... the 'wine'? I never had much association with … Continue reading Why Do Jamaican Men Love Trinidadian Women?

The Use of English in Jamaica

English is the language of Jamaica. But while standard English is seldom used in informal conversations, it is clearly understood by the population. More frequently we use the Jamaican patois, our creole language which was conceived through a mix of Spanish and English. It is a significant part of our culture and is often used … Continue reading The Use of English in Jamaica

Aquasol Beach Review!

With sand so white it may discriminate against you, air so clean it may reverse the effects of smoking and with wind so gentle, so consistent, it will blow your sins away, Aquasol Beach and theme park will not disappoint. The beach stretches about 100 meters. There is another 100 meter stretch on the left … Continue reading Aquasol Beach Review!

The Pearly Beach Review!

The Pearly Peach is located in Ocho Rios St. Ann, right next to the Laughing Waters. I entered the 'Pearly Gates' for the first time exactly two weeks ago. I didn't know what to expect but I really enjoyed the experience. The beach is equip with two lifeguard watch towers. Two volleyball 'courts'. Adequate space … Continue reading The Pearly Beach Review!