Google Services – Why We Should All Be Using Them

Let us forget about the war between Apple an Google with their respective IOS and Android operating systems. Let us forget about the ‘battle’ between Google and Bing (yes there is a search engine called ‘Bing’ by Microsoft). In the world of internet search, Google has no significant competition. Whether it is a search for scientific articles or a search for images to assist in the release of creamy chromosomes, Google will never let you down. But Google has so many other services which it offers for free and they make life so easy that one would expect a premium price attached. These services include – but are not limited to – Google Calendar, Google Chrome Browser, Google Maps, Google Android, Google Now, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slide, Google Sheets, Google Drawings and Google Forms.

Google Calendar

Arguably my most frequently used Google service, Google Calendar provides a very convenient way to organize daily activities, tasks and reminders. You have the ability so synchronize all your activities with all your devices (tablet, phones and computers) using the simple google application. For each reminder or event listed in the calendar, you may allow it to repeat every day, week, month, year or basically any time you chose. The feature also allows you to receive a notification on your device at a specific time before the event. You can even receive SMS text reminders for each event! Another cool feature about the calendar is the ability to share events by inviting friends to participate in each event. They will receive an email and they may chose whether or not to add it to their calendars with a simple click. Google is the king of maps and it incorporates this feature as well. If you add a location to an event, along with a reminder you may receive an option to navigate to the location and a reminder to leave so that you may arrive in time considering the traffic, weather etc.

Samsung Phone
Windows Computer


Google Chrome Browser

After purchasing a new computer, you only need to use internet explorer once – to download Google Chrome – before completely ignoring it. Google Chrome is now one of the most popular browsers in the world and it deserves this attention. After logging in to Chrome on each of your connected devices, Synchronization is seamless. Your history, bookmarks, passwords and other essential details are all saved in the cloud and can be accessed from any device. All you need is one password and you may never have to remember another password again. Chrome has you covered. Endless features and add-ons make Chrome your one stop shop for a browser. A cool feature I like for Chrome on my Android phone is the option to browse websites exactly how they would appear on a full-sized computer!

Android Phone


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Windows Computer

Google Maps

Google Maps is by far the best in the world and it keeps getting better. With google maps you are able to get step by step navigation anywhere in the world. Google maps allows you to find most places you want to visit and provided simple instructions so you may find it without any human assistance! Google street view, available in select countries allows you to roam the areas virtually as if you were actually there.

I really like Google maps because on several road trips it has helped me to find places of recreation we would otherwise be unable to locate. Yes, it works very well here in Jamaica!

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Windows Computer
Android Phone

Google Android

The most popular mobile operating system on the planet. Android is updated frequently and is known to be the definition of freedom. You can do anything with Android and with over a million apps and games, the sky is the limit.


Google Now

Epic! I simple love this service. With my android phone or Chrome browser on pc, I can easily assess information or updates even before I know I need it! I can talk to my phone and it acts like my very own personal assistant. I set up my phone so that all I have to say is “Ok Google” then make a request and within seconds, I have what I want. If only women worked this way.




Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slide, Google Sheets, Google Drawings, Google photos and Google Forms

Productivity redefined! Google has taken a major stab at the throat of Microsoft, and many liters of blood was shed. Google Drive offers 15 gigs of free storage for files of any kind as well as unlimited storage for photos. It provides an easy way to organize synchronize and access your files. I find it easier to work directly from google drive as everything is saved automatically and I am able to share and collaborate with colleagues very easily. Everything is unified under the Google umbrella (the Googbrella). With Google Docs, Slide and Sheets you are able to do most (not all) of the tasks you would do using Microsoft Word, Power point and Excel respectively. The advantage is that no significant hardware is required. Google form is an easy way to create and share surveys and it is a pleasure using it. So much of the analysis of responses is done for you!

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The root of the drive
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The largest video sharing platform is owned by Google! It is completely free to use and you can upload an unlimited number of videos. You can also make money if your videos receive enough views! As with all Google services, you may synchronize with all devices.

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All these services are free! I use Google services daily and have grown to be so dependent on it that if Google were to start charging for its service, I would simply have to pay, and it would still be worth it! Google makes life so much easier and I encourage you to utilize their free services.


– Aldeam Facey 2016

Can A Man And A Woman Be Friends, Just Friends?

Many times I have heard the question; ‘Can a man and a woman be friends?’ I have always defended firmly that it is possible based on my associations with women. However, over the years, my thoughts have evolved. Here is why:

During my undergrad years at the University of the West Indies, I contently interacted with many young ladies, enjoying the incredible 7:3 female to male ratio with no complaints at all. I became very good friends with one particular female. We spent a lot of time together studying, chilling at each others place of residence and had constant telephone conversations. We were NOT together. For years we enjoyed a clean friendship though she was an attractive girl and I was, well, you know, me. We comforted each other as we entered and ended relationships but never did we venture outside the ‘friend-zone’. We were just about ready to graduate from University and we were both single for at least a year. I was by her place just giving her a quick visit as was the norm but when I was leaving I gave her a hug. This was however no ordinary hug, it lasted much longer than the standard 1 to 2 seconds. I felt something, it was so intense that a hug led to a passionate kiss. I left thinking how much sense it made to have a relationship with this girl.

There was a second encounter. She came to visit me after I had started my graduate program and we had a chat. Before you knew it we were involved in some intense petting petting (2). To date we haven’t said a word about it, I am just thankful it didn’t go too far. We are simply trying to maintain a friendship and nothing more because the friendship is something we both treasure.

It happened again…

I met another girl at church and we simply mixed like 2 organic solvents. We had deep conversations and she quickly became my go to person if I needed a good debate. It may be important to mention that the mirror on the wall confirmed that she is one of the fairest of them all. We both started and ended relationships during the course of our long friendship and we could always talk to each other about anything. But again, she was just a friend. One night she visited me and as usual we talked but the devil finds use for idle hands and I don’t know how it happened, but again I found myself scratching the kitty petting (2). It went no further and to date nothing was mentioned in relation to the itch.

It really would be logical to date one of these women given that they possess the very features I prefer. But I like our friendship too much to jeopardize it with a relationship. I just know deep down, we have a strange friendship. But this had me thinking, and I realized that many women I considered to be friends, didn’t want just a friendship and this solidified my evolving thought.

So to answer the very old question I will make it very specific:

Can a single, attractive, heterosexual Jamaican man and a single, attractive heterosexual Jamaican woman be friends and just friends?

Answer: No

If you are a woman and you are friends with a man, you are either not single, not attractive or not heterosexual.

What are your views? Comment below.

– Aldeam Facey 2016