Aldeam Goes Mobile

Gone are the days when I had to fit into spaces I could not see. Gone are the days when I had no control of the music  that pierced my ear drums. Gone are the days when air conditioning in my transport was a thing spoken of but not experienced. Gone are the days I when I had to stop at every bus stop, having no control of the occasional foul smell that warmly embraced me. Welcome to the days of having no extra dollars in my pocket. Welcome to the days days when the gas station becomes both my enemy and my friend. Welcome to the days I become the first person my friends call. The glorious days when air conditioning, music and random ladies are luxuries at my disposal. I am now mobile.

Yes rasta, Aldeam get kyar!

Honda City

The aim was to purchase a motor bike. I am excited by the joy and freedom it brings, but relatives simply couldn’t see the light – or didn’t want me to see the light if you know what I mean. I had to find another way to please them and myself so a car was the best bet. I worked hard and finally got myself a ride. Of course, a Honda

I was alarmed at the high cost to maintain a vehicle I am now permanently broke. Feel free to contribute to the Aldeam Maintenance Fund (AMF). It was however a necessary investment and I look forward to helping others find the comfort I have.

Just a word of advise; if you are going to get a car, get a Honda, for if it is not a Honda, its nothing.


-Aldeam Facey 2016


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