My Near Death Experience Teaching Someone How To Drive

I have been told many times that I am a good teacher, and with experience tutoring Chemistry and Biochemistry, with good results, that may very well be true. But my skills were put to the test today as I taught a beginner how to drive. I thank God I am alive. It was all on tape! See below:

– Aldeam Facey 2016

Introducing: Jamaica In A Thousand Words

I wouldlike to bring your attention to my photo blog. Most of my photographs won’t be posted here anymore due to the 3 gig restriction of So, if you are tired of reading the weird stuff I write, you may be interested in viewing the even weirder stuff I take pictures of occasionally.



– Aldeam Facey 2016

Driving In Jamaica: UWI Mona To Half Way Tree via Hope Road

I love the Google Maps app, it works like a charm. But what if you could attach a video of a route? This would be a welcomed addition and I know there is ‘Street View’ but that too has its limitations. What if we all could contribute a video of a route which expires in about a year so each available video is representative of current infrastructure, road rules, pot holes etc? What if we had the option of watching a route before a journey? It would be cool to add a feature which allows you to play the video while you drive, at the speed you are driving. A video which would pause when you stop and resume when you go.

This is just an idea I had, practical or not, I know it would help me. I had to take some people somewhere for work but had no idea where to find the location. Naturally, Google Maps. I tested the route a day before the journey because if we got lost on the day of the event, it could spell disaster. I missed a turn, which we would on the day of the event had I not done a test run. I eventually found the location so Google Maps worked, but if a video of the route was available I wouldn’t have to waste my time with a test run.

So I got myself a dash cam so in the event of an accident there will be a record and I also want to get a much cheaper insurance next year… cause boi! Comprehensive insurance for a young (but not so young) man, is incomprehensible. I attached my Samsung MV800 to the dash cam’s mount and I made my first route video, see below:


Driving In Jamaica: UWI Mona To Half Way Tree via Hope Road


– Aldeam Facey 2016