How We Became Cooler Together – Aldeam + Candice 💗

A light touch of makeup on her face, neatly dressed, fit slender body, perfectly poised, humble and sweet. Those were my thoughts the first time I laid eyes on her. We were among a group of mutual friends at a lunch following church service. We were simply friends of friends and never had a chance to interact before. She was a nursing student at NCU, I was a PhD candidate at UWI. Being a confident jovial and outgoing man, approaching a woman was nothing hard for me; until now.

I asked the men of the group if anyone was pursuing her. No one confirmed and I was elated! I was free to make a move. But how? A chatterbox now lost for words, a confident man now shy, a strong man now weak. How will I make a move? This awkward feeling was unfamiliar and I knew from then that there was something special about her; that beautiful queen of a woman. I looked, researched and studied. I literally went to Candi school. I wasn’t even that interested in having lunch with the guys anymore, I was interested in her. She was a full meal, she was my lunch. She just didn’t know it yet. At each potluck, I’d give it my all to prepare meals that were star quality. I wanted to highlight areas of my resume that gave her hints that I’d be a good husband.

We had our first conversation at Hollywell and we became friends. She had been bringing me to my knees from that moment, constantly impressing me with her talent.

Small talks, led to more talks and we became friends. Of course, I expressed my interest in her. I knew I was undeserving but I hoped for grace. To my disappointment, she shut me down. She said that she’s focusing on her degree and would not like to pursue a relationship until she was finished with nursing school. I understand that anything that stays too long serves two masters so I pushed ahead until I was successful. Charms prevailed and finally she gave in and I graduated from Candi school to became the ‘Candi-boy’. We initiated our relationship using fortune cookies which demonstrated the fortune that lies ahead. I knew that one day I would, fortunately, be eating her cookies. Yum Yum!

Over the years we have grown to love, understand, respect and honour each other. We’ve learned to forgive and rise from our challenges. I knew from day one that she would be my wife, I just didn’t know when but on August 6th 2021 I made the biggest decision of my life. I proposed to her and asked her to be my wife. As the tears fell down her face I assured her that I would wipe all tears from her eyes as I would stick by her through thick and thin, through the good and the bad, through sickness, or health.
November 24th 2021 will be a day for both of us to remember as on that day we will publicly commit to each other to be man and wife until death.

#Nov24 #CandiMan

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