Waterhouse VS Cavalier Live Blog

Waterhouse vs Cavalier face-off for Pemier League third place spot at Sabina Park.
Kickoff was at 3pm.

Current scores 0-0

Caution issued to D. Grey in 39th minute

Caution issued to Collin Anderson of Cavalier in 41st minute

1 minute added to first half

0-0 at the end of first half

GOAL! the 46th minute #16 scores for the Cavalier! Score 0-1

56th minute #6 replaced by #13, Cavalier

Caution issued to #8 of Waterhouse in the 58th minute

GOAAL #10 DWYANE ATKINSON in the 61ST minute scores for Cavalier

And another one for Cavalier score 0-3

Cavalier scores again! 0-4 in the 73th minute

Waterhouse players are getting… Aggressive…

Waterhouse finally scores. The score is 1-4 in the final minute

Cavalier wins and are now the third place finishers in the Jamaica premiere league

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