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The Best Place to Buy Gas in Jamaica


Road-trip season is here! but you may want to top up your vehicle before heading out. You don’t want to run out of gas in Ochi! It may be cheaper to hire a wrecker to tow your vehicle back to Kingston than it is to top up in Ochi to drive back! That is my, a little exaggerated way, of saying gas in Ochi is expensive. By extension, the entire western end of the island has inflated gas prices. I am assuming it is a result of the cost to transport the gas to that end of the island. I assume here.

When it comes to buying gas I choose cost over convenience. Considering the last post I made on the trends of gas prices I find it is necessary that I include a post that may assist you in saving on gas.

In each parish, there is that one gas station that only a few know to offer the best price. Having learned the hard way I can safely say that I know exactly where to buy the most affordable gas in Kingston and from my Island tours, I have a fair idea of where not to buy gas.

Cheapest Gas Station in Kingston

The most affordable place to buy gas in Kingston is Johnson’s Petroleum on Beechwood Avenue (#34 to be specific). Gas stations on Beechwood avenue and surrounding areas are generally more affordable. FESCO opened a new gas station on Beechwood avenue and they are a great competitor to Johnson’s Petroleum but Johnson’s still selling their gas for a little less to remain the king of Beechwood. If you get to Johnson’s before 5:30 am, however, you may need to have cash on hand as their POS machines are usually not available that early. FESCO beats Johnson where convenience is concerned and you also can purchase amazing food from MR. Breakfast right there!.

Spanish Town and Portmore both have an affordable gas station in Inswood and Port Henderson respectively, called ‘Blaize gas station’

Clarendon has a few affordable gas stations along the toll gate main road. The most notable being the ‘Cool Oasis’ gas station.

What about the other parishes? Let me know your best choices in the comments.

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