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Facebook Likes And Pokes: What Do They Mean?

So there I was, stalking her on Facebook. She is so beautiful, captivating and intelligent. I had been stalking her for years, too shy to make a move. I often wondered if she would like a shy guy, the kind of guy, who would always be her’s. Oh Lawd have mercy… mercy ….mercy! I just had to have her. One day she posted a picture! I swooped in for the kill. LIKE! I liked her picture and to seal the deal I made a comment in the event the ‘like’ got ‘lost’. “This is lovely, I REALLY like this”. She innocently replied ‘Aww thanks’, not knowing the large number of babies I wanted to make with her. Her interpretation of the ‘like’ was completely different when compared to mine. This got me thinking, what does a like mean?

I’ve seen posts on Facebook of mass shootings and acts of terrorism receive likes. I can recall posting a story of my grandfather’s death and it received many likes. Does that mean they like the fact that I shared the story, or do they like the story itself? I don’t believe these people ‘like’ the occasion. In such a case a ‘support’ button would be more applicable.

Pokes, what are they? At first I thought it was a way to keep in ‘touch’ with friends with whom you don’t really want to have a conversation. Then I thought it was a weird way for a really shy guy to tell a girl he likes her. But I’ve been poking this girl back and forth for about two years now and it has not yet been fruitful. It’s time we turn that virtual poke into a literal one if you know what I mean. Giggidy!

What does a like or a poke mean for you?


-Aldeam Facey 2016