More Views on Homosexuality (Online Interview)

In yet another follow-up to the article: “BOOM BYE BYE: THE CLOSET IS FULL, THE GAYS ARE COMING OUT!”, a colleague of mine had something to say. I did not ask if he was a homosexual, I did not want to stir-up another kettle of fish but his views clearly supports the homosexual lifestyle. See the conversation below (1/4/15):


Sir good night

Mi feel di urge fi seh something now, bcuz of ur last two blog posts

I can give u a face to face interview with someone if u are searching for more information on the matter.

Know this, sexuality is personal experience for many, and no one man’s story is the same as another, but speaking to persons of a marginalized group is the only way to get a greater understanding before you write about them.

I too have some questions for you… What if your son was gay would u disown him? And if not but u would encourage him to change his ways because it is not right in the sight of God, according to your beliefs and he doesn’t want to what would u do?

Aldeam Facey

you have some very good points … only way to get answers is to talk to persons who are actually gay … well I would prefer a str8 son ….

i will teach him my beliefs and allow him to decide when older but if it really isnt a choice ……idk thats a tough 1

but how can it not be a choice tho…. its a hard issue to understand ……mind u …if its a choice …everybody has the right to choose enuh ….but to think persons are born that way… puzzling


As I said if that’s what u want it can be arranged. Gay people, well some are tired of the same narrative we see in mass media in Jamaica. U can tell a different side of the story which is why I appreciate ur blog posts. U wanting ur son to be straight is understandable

I think it’s a case of nature and nurture. And both can apply to one individual

Aldeam Facey


thats sound like a better answer

nurture must have a part in it


I always (say), no sensible human being would willingly subject themselves to constant scrutiny and abuse, be it emotional or physical. No one would CHOOSE to live like that

Having a choice means u have options that are viable to you

Aldeam Facey



If he is not attracted to girls does he have a viable option ?

Aldeam Facey

y wud 1 choose

gud point there

I would like to find deeper answers ….like y not girls there must be some basic reason ….whether genetics or culture


Lol I can only give u my response

Aldeam Facey

Yea I know


And since u seem the type that might shy away from a face to face convo about the matter

I shall respond here

Aldeam Facey



First of all, even the bible tells you, u will not understand everything. And so it is with human sexuality, it is dynamic and a different experience for almost everyone. I’m going to get grown now, I won’t use expletives out of respect for your religion. But u can’t explain why a heterosexual guy gets a kick out of eating the vagina and another doesn’t. How one can only be turned of if he pees on the girl and u did read right I said pee. Or how a guy uses something as simple as toes to determine the girl he is attracted to. PEOPLE are attracted to different things, whether it is through genetics or exposure that they are unaware of, they are.


Some men don’t find breast attractive, they think the vagina is repulsive. I have had convos with them so I know. They do not desire female companionship and actually find girls annoying. They cannot get a hard on for a girl, and that’s just their reality. The problem is Aldeam we can try to find out why but what avail ? To fix them?

Aldeam Facey

mmh thats true


Some don’t even know what caused it so how can we even begin to “fix them”. Btw I don’t believe they need fixing.

Aldeam Facey

It would be nice if everyone was of the same view but that’s never possible …. the problem is 1. LAW and 2. Living with persons who oppose

in the eyes of the law some acts are not legal


And which view should everyone have? And y?

Aldeam Facey

not everything can be legalized …if so there would be chaos


This is true, but (we) are talking about two consenting adults here, who are not harming anyone else

Aldeam Facey

well this is biased but I wud prefer if every1 was str8 … based on nature (reproduction) that’s how it was meant to be


Ok let me send a VN I hope u can listen

Aldeam Facey

well tru ….not harming any1 else if done privately …. but if everyone openly expresses themselves …gonna cause probs …whether its legal r not ….people will always have different views


0:44 – Audio Recording (regarding reproduction, some gays want to have kids as well and will do so through surrogacy, adopting or having intercourse with the opposite sex)


0:53 – Audio Recording ( Regarding the laws, it was once illegal for a black person to marry a white person, they would believe anything otherwise would be chaotic)

Aldeam Facey

They wud have sex with opposite gender to have kids!!! ….just to have kids …so y not continue ….how do they do it then if they have no ….feelings …you know


0:44 – Audio Recording ( Laws change as we become more knowledgeable)


Sir they do not desire female companionship

Just like a heterosexual guy performing anal sex with his gf… Is he gay? No what might ask then if u gonna engage in anal sex why not do it with a man…. Foolish, he doesn’t desire male companionship and that’s just a sexual act (that) he enjoys

Aldeam Facey

True but look at our culture ….if it becomes legal ….n the freedom is publicly expressed…. there will be blood. not everyone use logic and are willing to converse despite contradicting views


0:48 Audio Recording (People are willing to die for what they believe in, Ive never seen a revolution without blood)

Aldeam Facey

ohhhh got u ….I think anal sex with women strange as well ….for me it’s just the graphic thought …exp knowing the anus is an excretory organ!


Exactly lol… When Jamaicans think gay they think of the guy in his bedroom and what he does there

Aldeam Facey

yes!! its very hard not to

That’s why wen I think lesbians I’m like …I think its wrong ..but meh! ….but when I think 2 men ….very graphic and messy yo


And they have no knowledge of gay sex or anal sex and so they judge. I know u are Christian but I’m going to assume u have seen porn and least 5 times in ur life. If it is that u have seen an anal scene u will notice that the girl is very clean and nothing disgusting is coming out of her. People who engage in anal sex are aware that is an excretory organ and so they cleanse it, they buy what is called a douche and they clean themselves. They are not nasty contrary to popular belief. All of this might be graphic but it’s conversation that needs to be had


Another thing and I hope u blog about this !!! GAY men are NOT attracted to every straight guy they see. Just like heterosexuals they have types and don’t want everyone they see. And that’s why many heterosexuals don’t speak to gays because they feel they will “look dem” if u ask me some are insecure in themselves.

Aldeam Facey

JAH Know star!

well lol thats is true!


And so many things to talk about even looking at it from a patriarchal stand point and y society opposes it.

Aldeam Facey

yea …this is a very big topic globally ….it is going to be more accepted as time progresses


Another thing gay men are not just gully queens and shebada and effeminate men. Gay men are lawyers, doctors, soldiers, police men, thugs, bad man they come in the image of what society thinks a real man should look like. That’s the narrative I want to change. But those who can pass as straight will remain in the closet and sometimes I don’t blame them.

Aldeam Facey

oh zeeen


And I say that because I know for a fact at least one person from that social group who is gay.


And I believe that’s what society needs to see, that who they think and regard as man because of machismo are actually gay… Then what? Sexuality is dynamic and a unique experience and persons should not be penalized, abused physically or emotionally because they chose to love another consenting adult

Aldeam Facey

cool cool …my image of a gay is an effeminate man who loves fashion n is always well-groomed

n sing very well!


Loool at sing very well

Stereotypes and that’s y these convos need to be had

You’d probably be shocked if the truth were to be revealed to u

Aldeam Facey

lol tru


Some a di very same guys u pass going to Uwi gym, to church … But only the obvious ones will get the blame because they cannot or refuse to hide it

Aldeam Facey

oh zeeen! world is changing yaa!

God soon come (for those of us who believe)


Dare I say, gays are normal people


For those who believe indeed


I believe in a GOD but not the one of the bible, but that’s for a different debate and another day

Aldeam Facey

oh yes!!!! thats another big debate


44 – Audio Recording (Regarding ‘Elton’, when he was saying he was struggling and u said he knew it was wrong. That’s not necessarily the case struggling could mean society is telling him one thing but he is feeling another)

Aldeam Facey

anyway bro thnx for the update! Appreciate


No probs, knowledge is good, it makes u a better human being.

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

The final result of last week’s poll is 63% to 37% in favor of vaginal happiness.

– Aldeam Facey 2015



The last blog article posted was very controversial. Several friends opposed the very idea of homosexuality, expressing very passionately that “Batty Bwoy fi ded” while others argued for equality. Conversations got very heated and many persons were offended.

The article caught the attention of a certain gentleman on facebook via a group which was created to discuss issues relating to Jamaica. Upon inquiry I was surprised to see him openly confess that he is a homosexual. I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions that have always puzzled me. For the purposes of this blog and to ensure his privacy is not infringed, I will call him “Elton”. I tried to remain as neutral as possible to prevent possible arguments.

The conversation was as follows:

So Elton made a comment based on something I said in the previous article regarding exposing children to homosexuality, I responded:

  • Aldeam Facey I think the exposure will influence their decision from an early age.


  • Elton oh okay. so at what age did you make the decision to love girls Aldeam Facey


  • Aldeam Facey Well Elton I never had my first girlfriend until i was 18 but i had always been attracted exclusively to females
  • Elton thats wonderful..god forbid u had been “exposed” to homosexualty at an early age you would have found ur first boyfriend at 18 instead? asking.. because it seems to me thats what ur suggesting..


  • Elton let me ask in planer terms. do you believe that if you even for the slightest were enlightened about homosexuals as you are now when u were smaller, you might have been gay ?

You see what he did here? At this point I could tell this dude is smart. Knowing that I’m not the best at debates I avoided arguments at all cost. 

  • Aldeam Facey Fig thats where you were going… had I been exposed I would probably have a different view which would be in contrast to my religious beliefs.


  • Aldeam Facey That all depends on the type of exposure… thankfully I was never exposed


  • Aldeam Facey I take it you believe Homosexuality is not a choice …Am I correct?


  • Elton well im gay. I didnt choose to be.. so i speak from a place of experience. unlike u who acknowledge that you are pretty much ignorant to this..except for what ur ” infallible ” bible tells u

WHHHHOOOAAA! (That was basically my response when he came out). “Infallible” I think its safe to assume he is not so much into the word. I saw an opportunity and I took it.

  • Aldeam Facey I have never had a conversation with an openly gay person before. Please don’t be offended that I have a ton of questions


  • Elton I never am. ask your questions


  • Aldeam Facey Did you feel attraction for other boys/girls (“Elton” can be male or female I hope you are male tho) initially? meaning as long as you can remember?


  • Aldeam Facey If you had a choice would you choose otherwise?
  • Elton i remember in primary school being extremely attracted to this little indian boy in my class.. so much i couldnt wait for the weekend to finish so i could go see him again,…as long as i can remember i knew i was “different”

I found this so very creepy. Imagine the poor little Indian boy, wonder how that turned out.

  • Aldeam Facey Are you harassed because of your sexuality?


  • Elton maybe if i was given this choice when i was struggling i would have taken it.. but i have accepted who i am and have become to love me for who i am , so no.

So he was “struggling” maybe he actually believed/felt that it was wrong, But has now accepted certain beliefs (eg rejecting the bible) in order to be comfortable with his lifestyle.

  • Aldeam Facey how does your family feel about it? (assuming you are a Jamaican living in JA)


  • Elton I am harassed.. once my sexuality is known, especially online. i was harassed in high school… bullied, name calling. harassment now is not so much maybe because of my caring family and being resourced enough to avoid it

Its not cool that he is being harassed. But you know what they say, no fish like a rich fish

  • Aldeam Facey ahhh! Good (that u are able to avoid it)
  • Aldeam Facey do you believe you can be both gay and have religious beliefs? given that most religions oppose the lifestyle?


  • Elton yes. i know many. You may believe chrsitianity oppose homosexuality, but there are people, christians, theologians, who pull from a the bible the very basics of the gospels and have church on that… beside them there are many among u in the pews who are gay and believes firmly in god.

Say WHAT! Bold statements Elton, very bold statements. To believe that a pastor would preach a “basic sermon” so as to not preach against himself! This world!

  • Aldeam Facey WOW! Christian gays ….contradicting terms
  • Aldeam Facey Do you believe homosexuals in Jamaica should be able to get married? esp with the dominance of the Christian groups


  • Elton im not big on marriage. Jamaica must move towards changing its culture of hate towards gays first..jamaica has a high divorce rate anyways.. 1/3 youths are jackets.. marriage is overrated

mmh some truth here! 

  • Elton contradicting to you.


  • Aldeam Facey This question may be a little weird …I mean no offense ….but how do you Identify each other? say u c a guy n u interested…how do u know he is not str8!!


  • Elton how do u see a girl and know she is straight? this dilemma is not just confined to gay men. how do straight men handle it.. i guess we do in the same way


  • Aldeam Facey sometimes I can identify a gay woman (well by assumption) but not always….All the women I approach are str8…. but good to know

He doesn’t give ‘straight’ answers in most cases. But can one expect ‘straight’ answers from a gay man? 

  • Aldeam Facey Given the significantly higher frequency of hiv in the gay community…Is this a major concern to you?


  • Aldeam Facey Oh what do you think about Prof. Bain’s dismissal?


  • Aldeam Facey Do you think that we (str8 ppl) are now being harassed or treated unfairly for expressing our opinions?


  • Elton HIV should be a concern to everyone.. especially jamaicans where its researched and documented that sodomy laws drive these rates.


  • Elton like u i await the courts decision. the organization he headed is no long around. i think the message was clear from those with invested interest


  • Elton u said that as if all str8 peope have an issue. No i dont think so…but bigotry should be called out.


  • Aldeam Facey wouldnt that mean str8 people will become the minority where vocal freedom is concerned?
  • Elton thats a silly question.. did white people become the minority when blacks fought for freedom?


  • Aldeam Facey well re bigotry I also believe we Jamaicans are a bit too aggressive towards Homosexuals and i think thats because we dont really know u …which is y m asking so many questions
  • Aldeam Facey I’m obviously not as open minded as you are but I’d like to do some research on this issue


  • Aldeam Facey possibly an investigation of the presence of xxy chromosome frequency in male homosexuals


  • Aldeam Facey oh one last question do you feel absolutely nothing when you see a voluptuous Jamaican woman?

Its so hard to believe that he doesn’t! Jamaican women look good enuh!

  • Aldeam Facey have u ever tried dating women? I mean when you were younger? Women are real cool enuh


  • Elton before anybody writes an article like what u did.. the least u could have done is research..when u write things like that it does add to the fear mongering.. it would serve better if u had written a piece that tells truth or as u said enlighten those who are in the dark


  • Elton well ur lasts set of questions can be answered if u substitute women with men… ie. have u ever tried dating a man? do u feel absolutely anythinng when u see a stud? Ur answer to these questions will give u my answer


  • Aldeam Facey Getting answers one of the aims of the article… There will definitely be a follow-up there is much truth in what I wrote what I don’t know I phrase as questions….. I guess I have your answer…. I never look at men that way… I guess I’m enlightened now… You don’t really answer questions directly tho but I got the answers via deduction… Its really interesting hearing your views
  • Aldeam Facey Just a bit of advise…. Be very careful where you come out…. Jamaica is nowhere near ready.

Feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

-Aldeam Facey 2015

Boom Bye Bye: The Closet Is Full, The Gays Are Coming Out!

“Boom Bye Bye” is the title of a very popular song by reggae artist Buju Banton. It makes reference to the placement of a small piece of metal at very high velocity in the heads of men who find pleasure in the posterior of other men. It expresses very artistically Jamaica’s general opposition to homosexuality.

These are the last days, the closet is now full and they are bursting out. I wish I was making reference to clothing or the rotting skeletons in Eminem’s closet. Unfortunately, I make reference to the “the mud men”, “the strange men”, “the chi-chi men”, “dem bwoy deh”, “the gays”. No longer are they confined to the dark corners or the gullies, no longer do they remain silent in fear for their lives, they are bolder now. Bold enough to fight for their rights, bold enough to publicly express themselves, bold enough, to pull Portia’s tongue! Their reach is endless, they are everywhere!

For years I have wondered: Is homosexuality a sickness, or is it a choice? Is it a mental or genetic defect or is it a conscious decision? Can it be cured? The world is becoming overpopulated; is it nature’s way of controlling the population’s size? I have not been able to find an answer. Either way I believe sexual relations and marriages should be confined to a male and a female, the way God intended.

In such an anti-gay society, while majority of the residents are still very much opposed to the lifestyle, I have observed that the level of tolerance for homosexuality has increased. Back when I was in high school, there was an alleged homosexual in my class. In the first year of his enrollment at my school, he was attacked by the seniors with knives. His life was their aim but thankfully he survived the attack unharmed. There was another case more recently at The University of Technology where two males were caught making the beast with two backs roar. One was badly beaten by security. Now I see them everywhere on campus, not harmed, not attacked. This is a good thing, and while I oppose the lifestyle, I am happy about that. We do not have the right to harm anyone because of their beliefs, they should not be discriminated against or treated unfairly.

My big problem however is its impact on the younger ones and the negative influences it may have on them. We all know the recent case where the acceptance of homosexuality and the varying forms of sex was being taught to young children. I think that responsibility should rest as much as possible on the shoulders of the parents.

It took a long time for me to realize how pronounced homosexuality is in Jamaica. A very disturbing thing happened to me just now which influenced me to write this. I am all about networking, I find great value in meeting new people and engaging them as networking enhances the proliferation of businesses. A gentleman sent me a facebook friend request. We had a few mutual friends so I thought why not accept. Just one more person to whom I may send my links. Unfortunately, a funny thing happened. He sent me a message. No problem, I responded. He didn’t stop there he sent more day after day. I ignored them, giving him the benefit of the doubt. I took some screen shots and showed them to a friend and to her it was so clear that this guy was not okay. See the message thread below:

Ok cool.
Ok cool.
mmh...Very fishy
mmh…Very fishy…no such plans were made so I assumed he sent that by accident
Nope.. Batty Bwoy ....Delete
Nope.. Something not right here! ….Delete

After the last message I asked him if he is gay. He did not answer. What do you think? Am I being paranoid? I clicked on his profile and realized he is a married man with children so probably I’m wrong, I hope I am. If I am not, why would he send ME of all persons those messages, the guy so straight that he’s brittle, the guys so straight you’d think he’s constantly planking, why me? This world is a scary place.

Finally I’m going to leave this text with you, please search and read it for yourself: Leviticus 18:22

– Aldeam Facey 2015