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Money Management Vs Making More Money

Over the years I have learnt a very important lesson about money. It is never enough! When I started my masters’ degree in 2012, I was earning a stipend of $35,000. I had no other sources of income and my rent was $25,000 per month + bills. At the time I was renting one of […]

Tips For Renting in Jamaica

I’ve had so many addresses in Kingston over the past 11 years. From upscale gated communities to borderline squatter settlements and I’ve learned a very crucial lesson. You can’t have it all. Renting a house or apartment in Jamaica should be a very carefully made decision. Location, price and amenities all matter but with each […]

Beware: Car Theft In Jamaica

In  my small group of 8 friends who own cars, there have been 4 car thefts in the past two years. This is an alarming statistic suggesting there is a 50% chance your vehicle will be stolen. To add salt to the wound, each stolen car had at least a K-9 alarm or vehicle tracker […]

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