Here Is Why I Don’t Respond Immediately To Text Messages

The invention of the telephone has advanced the human race immeasurably. We are now able to constantly communicate and collaborate to accomplish tasks. Understandably, it is a necessity, a necessity that has conceived thriving businesses.

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Everyone has a cellphone now and we talk constantly. We are always within meters of our cell phones. Is this a good thing? Call me old fashioned, but I prefer a face to face conversation. I HATE talking on the phone. Ironically the jobs I had in the past all required heavy telephone use. When I am on the phone I try not to talk beyond 2 minutes. I am trying to disconnect myself from heavy cell phone use. What I do is save every number I possibly can so I know if I’m getting a call I can ignore. I guess it has to do with culture.

Another issue I have is texting. This form of communication takes even more time than a phone call. To get a simple point across may take minutes. But worst of all texting removes the human feel of communication and one may misinterpret the tone intended. I also like multitasking but I find it impossible to do anything else when texting. I text much slower than the average female. I remember talking to my ex-girlfriend primarily via text messages, when I was young and foolish. For argument’s sake let us call her Marsha. A typical conversation is as follows:

Marsha: Its like you don’t love me anymore, I get no attention!

Marsha: Do you care about me?

Marsha: Do you want to be with me?

Marsha: Am I some kind of idiot for bothering you?

Aldeam: Yes.

Marsha: What! I can’t believe you would say that!

Marsha: After all I’ve done for you, I wasted my time. You are no good!

Aldeam: Yes

Marsha: Its time I moved on. I don’t know why I fell for you. I thought you were someone else, but you are just like the others! I was looking forward to a future with you. You are just a player! I hate you! I never want to hear from you again!

Marsha: Good bye!

Aldeam: No hon you’re not.

Aldeam: Huh?

Aldeam: Hey….wait, I was responding to your texts in the order I got them.

Aldeam: Marsha?

Aldeam: You there?

The rest is just a waste of time, trying to fix an imaginary problem.

During face to face conversations such petty problems are avoided and much more is accomplished. It may not always be convenient to meet face to face but it is always better to do so when the opportunity presents itself. Face to face conversations allows me to see if the truth lies in people’s eyes. It allows me to assess the body language, more accurately interpret the tone and allow for the use of gestures to support speech.

– Aldeam Facey 2015

5 thoughts on “Here Is Why I Don’t Respond Immediately To Text Messages

  1. I agree! People think I’m strange for not caring when I leave my phone at home but things are sometimes easier without one

    1. Aldeam Facey says:

      So true!

  2. Monique Adams says:

    Sir, we no longer live in the stone age! A face to face conversation may not always be the most feasible means of communication given that it may not always be convenient to see each other… hence the invention of the telephone. It’s like Alexander Graham Bell went through all that trouble for nothing LOL

    1. Aldeam Facey says:

      Understand…. I just don’t like it…. Really don’t

  3. Fay Williams says:

    Lol its so true. It elevates my blood pressure

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