Here Is Why I Do Not Eat East Indian Mangoes In Public

I absolutely love East Indian Mangoes, so much so that every week you can see me in the Papine Market ‘jus a feel up feel up weh mi mumma nuh bring’.

Normally when eating I take my time, cutting just the right amount to put into my half-opened mouth. Eating in public at social events I carefully eat with a knife and a fork so I don’t invite any unwanted attention. At home I tend to be a little more nonchalant, not when eating cooked food, but when enjoying a huge East Indian Mango.

I have a very strange relationship with East Indian Mangoes, they make me unusually happy. Last week I bought a huge 2 pounder, she was a beauty, I took her home, placed her in the kitchen just to get her acclimatized and later that evening I took her to my room, locked the door and I ate her. She was so juicy! As I stripped her skin, held her, with her juices running down my hand cheeks and chest, I could taste her sweetness all the way in the back of my throat. She was very nice. But no, I did not stop there, I sucked her seed so white it looked like a brand new artist canvas. Sadness creeped over me when she was done. I am hooked.
It would be quite embarrassing for anyone to see me like that, there is no level of formality associated with my interactions with East Indian Mangoes. Based on my observations I am definitely not the only one.
Do you enjoy eating mangoes the way I do?

– Aldeam Facey 2015

3 thoughts on “Here Is Why I Do Not Eat East Indian Mangoes In Public

  1. Chuck Penn says:

    I tasted East Indian Mango in Jamaica last May and I’ll never forget the absolutely stunning taste. I’ve been tracking them ever since. The U.S. government was hassling Jamaican mango growers about some technicality. I read somewhere that the importation of these tasty critters has been ok’d as of this past January, but I haven’t been able to find any anywhere. Where can I buy them?

    1. Aldeam Facey says:

      I can confirm that it has been approved by the US for importation but unfortunately I do not know where in the US they are currently being sold… If I get that update I’ll let you know for sure… But indeed they are awesome!

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