Lady driven cars: Are they better?

So I was in a taxi the other day and a car was driving very slowly ahead of the taxi. This was ‘draining’ the taxi driver’s pocket, so he was not too pleased about it. He cursed “*hiss teeth* a mus wan woman a drive dat”. The opportunity presented itself in the form of a small gap and the driver initiated the overtaking process. Though time was not on his side, when the cars were parallel to each other the driver looked to the left and realized it was actually a man driving. To the taxi driver’s surprise he shouted ‘a weh di buh…’ as he called out to the poor guy using a noun which defines his assumed sexuality and questioned the location he received his driving lessons.

Lady driven

Frequently the ads for motor vehicles have written as a major pro, “lady driven”. Am I to assume that given that a lady is behind the wheel, the car is in a better condition? Is the mileage lower just because a woman is driving? I disagree. The assumption is based on the fact that women are more likely to drive carefully when compared with men, but this is not always true. The lady drivers I am associated with are not at all light footed and I I were to created an ad for their car I would include ‘angry lady driven’ instead.

Generally speaking men like the thrill of speed. They like when the vehicles they are driving ‘listen when they talk’ as it may be the only thing that does, especially if they are married. Consequently, a lot of care is given to the vehicles men drive. I can always hear them talking about it, changing tires, rims, adding lights and servicing. Women simply drive, generally speaking.

When making a purchase one of the most important things to consider is the mileage. Also important are the potential resale value, gas mileage, accident history and year of the model. Whether or not a woman drove the car is as important as the car matching your favorite shirt. Make your assessments yourself and have an independent valuation done before making a payment. Once you have selected and purchased your most suitable car, drive carefully and when you drive by try not to splash me.

– Aldeam Facey

3 thoughts on “Lady driven cars: Are they better?

  1. Ayeisha says:

    Lol “try not to splash me”. Thanks for the idea. Ultimate payback for all those ‘-5%’ I received. 😁

    1. Aldeam Facey says:

      Hahaha I will sue Ayeisha lol

  2. momofrosty says:

    Funny 🙂

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