Blue Hole Review

I haven’t been in a lot of holes, and by no means do I consider myself a ‘holey’ man but of all the holes I’ve been in, it is now official, blue hole is my favorite hole. It may be wide and deep, but when I dived in – head first – I didn’t want to get out.

Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (42)

At 30 feet deep I would never recommend jumping in without a life jacket, unless you are an EXTREMELY good swimmer!

Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (10) Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (7) Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (11)Swinging and diving in is the dangerous, yet most fun feature of the “main hole”. There are also a few mini caves under the falls which are really cool!

Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (9)Designated lifeguards are not available! The tour guides can swim and do offer assistance (primarily to females) but you are, for the most part on your own.

Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (6)Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (17)Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (47)

Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (23) Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (37)There is a fun hike to the other falls. The water is not as deep here, approximately 15 and 20 feet respectively for the last two images.

Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (48) Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (51)The fun is found in the very real danger! YOLO?

Blue Hole St Mary 6.8 (57)The blue hole was more fun than I had expected. My suggestions for improvement however are:

  1. Increased safety – Paid lifeguards and more available life jackets. Life jackets are provided upon request with the $500 (JMD) entrance fee however they are in limited supply!
  2. What would make this more fun is a zip-line!

Remember to tip the tour guide for their service! That’s how they “eat a food”. My tour guide swam with my camera, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to take most of these photos.

I give Blue Hole river and waterfalls 8/10 I highly recommend it!

– Aldeam Facey 2015

2 thoughts on “Blue Hole Review

  1. derval says:

    they need to add some decent change /restrooms as well

    1. Aldeam Facey says:

      Oh yes! That is true Derval!

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