Should We Scam Them?

The Jamaican law enforcers have been working very hard to combat the rise in the lottery scams that have been associated with the nation in recent years. While I believe it is silly that persons actually get tricked by these scammers I cannot help but frown upon this unlawful and unethical behavior. Living on the … Continue reading Should We Scam Them?

The Use of English in Jamaica

English is the language of Jamaica. But while standard English is seldom used in informal conversations, it is clearly understood by the population. More frequently we use the Jamaican patois, our creole language which was conceived through a mix of Spanish and English. It is a significant part of our culture and is often used … Continue reading The Use of English in Jamaica

Jamaican Cornmeal Pudding Recipe

Cornmeal pudding is very easy to prepare and has been a favorite among Jamaicans for as long as I can remember. Ingredients: 3 Cups Cornmeal 3/4 Cups Flour 2 Cups Sugar 1 Teaspoon Salt 2 Teaspoon Cinnamon Extract 1 Teaspoon Grated Nutmeg 1 Teaspoon Mixed Spice 2 Teaspoon Vanilla 1 Sachet of Maggie Coconut Milk … Continue reading Jamaican Cornmeal Pudding Recipe

“A Proper Backsiding” – Child Abuse Or a Cure For Disobedience?

A "backsiding" is a term often used, especially in rural Jamaica, to describe a spanking. This spanking is usually very thorough and is of an intensity proportional to the offense. We Jamaicans are very angry people and a simple backsiding, where it involves the aluminum pot covers, barbed wires, chains, frying pans or 'anyting di han … Continue reading “A Proper Backsiding” – Child Abuse Or a Cure For Disobedience?

Lyssons (UWI) Beach Review

Lyssons Beach is owned and operated by the University of the West Indies. It is located along the coast of St. Thomas across from St. Marguerite’s Hospital. Lovely landscapes. Adequate bathroom/changing room facilities. Seating and shade. The beach stretches about 100 meters with light brown sand and a shore with almost no incline. There is … Continue reading Lyssons (UWI) Beach Review

UWI Examinations: An Invigilator’s point of view

I have been invigilating exams for a few years now and it has been a very interesting experience. When I was an undergraduate student I believed invigilators didn't have much to do other than signing my receipts and ensuring I don't cheat, but now, speaking from the point of view of an invigilator, I assure … Continue reading UWI Examinations: An Invigilator’s point of view

Curried Snapper Fillet Recipe

I like fish but sometimes I find difficulty deciding the best method to cook a particular type of fish. Do I steam? Do I fry? Experience teaches wisdom and after several attempts, currying the snapper fillets is my favorite method. Ingredient: 1 Pack of Rain Forest Foods Snapper Fillet 1 Teaspoon Maggie all purpose seasoning … Continue reading Curried Snapper Fillet Recipe