Aquasol Beach Review!

With sand so white it may discriminate against you, air so clean it may reverse the effects of smoking and with wind so gentle, so consistent, it will blow your sins away, Aquasol Beach and theme park will not disappoint.

Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (1)

The beach stretches about 100 meters. There is another 100 meter stretch on the left side which seems to be out of use.

Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (2)

Purchase a ride in the glass bottom boat!
Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (3)

Volley ball court.

Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (4)

Life guard on stand by.

Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (5)

So many features, unfortunately not all were up and running when I visited.wpid-dsc_0014-01.jpeg

SAM_1845 SAM_1846

Food, drinks and ice cream on sale!


Opens 9am to 6pm.Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (9) Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (8) Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (7) Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (10) Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (11)

These landscapes make awesome wallpapers!

Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (12)

Feet of a Jamaican 😉
Aquasol - www.lifeofajamaican.wordpress (5)

There is a barrier in the water where the depth ranges from a little under 3 feet at the shallow ends to over 6 feet deep at the center.SAM_1844

An outside shower is usually expected at the beach. Get that sand off!

Cost 400 JMD for adults and 300 JMD for children.

Video Panorama:

Unfortunately most of the proposed features were unavailable but even so it was still a very good beach.

I give Aquasol a rating of 7/10.

– Aldeam Facey 2015

Author: Aldeam Facey

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, University of the West Indies Mona. I am currently involved in research associated with Lactate Metabolism and it's association with physical performance in our Jamaican athletes. My research also involves type 2 diabetes mellitus. I really enjoy a good game of chess and I believe it is the most amazing sport ever created. I also play badminton and I'm an amateur artist (painting and drawing). I have many other interests and often find myself attempting to be involved in each, all simultaneously, life is short isn't it? I appreciate music, from classical to acapella to reggae, great vocals really intrigues me. I'm a seventh day adventist, and I have been all my life. Feel free to discuss religious beliefs with me at anytime. That pretty much sums me up right now. Hope you enjoy reading my blogs. Contact me at 1876-858-0783 or

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