Poem: Guineps: Taste And Buy

Suh mi guh Downtown fi buy some clothes,

And a Sella man stop in front mi wid a pose.

‘Taste and buy di Guineps dem sweet.’

‘Fifty dolla and mi gi you a bunch fi eat.’

“No mi boss mi caa buy none mi guh Inna Manhattan and mi money jus done.”

‘Please mi bredda mi baby need fi eat.’

‘Him still a drink breast milk and him have 32 teeth.’

“Alright alright gi mi a taste,

If it sweet mi wi buy and come out a u face”

Him give mi a guinep and it sweet suh till,

MI seh give me 2 bunch so mi can guh home guh chill.

Mi buy 2 bunch and carry it a yard,

But when mi taste mi seh a wah dis laad?

Fi di rest a di day mi feel real sad,

Suh him mek mi taste the good bunch and sell mi the bad.

Yuh caa trust dat sella weh say taste and buy,

Just know say is a gamble and if you lose nuh badda cry.
– Aldeam Facey 2015

2 thoughts on “Poem: Guineps: Taste And Buy

  1. Ice says:

    Lol, good one.

  2. Assana says:


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