Pages Cafe: The Upper Level: Where UWI’s High Class Eats

Ever wondered where UWI’s lecturers and principal eat? Ever thought of taking a girl on a date but you can’t afford to go off campus? Ever in need of a place to practice proper dining etiquette? Well Page’s Cafe the upper level may put all wondering thoughts to rest.


Entrance: Staircase to the right, all invited

I did a review of the best place to eat on campus recently and Page’s Cafe did not top the list due to the high prices. The review only focused on the lower level. Recently a head of department took me to a lunch meeting at the upper level (the Deck).

The Upper Level

The Upper Level

I was alarmed at the excellent customer service provided! Why isn’t that replicated at the lower level?


The Lower Level


The Musically Themed Lower Level

After that experience I was inspired to use Page’s catering service. I was very pleased with the result. I thought it would be a good idea to review the upper level and the manager was fully supportive of this idea and was even nice enough to offer a free meal!
Page’s Cafe offers a special menu every Thursday “Gourmet Thursdays” and that day was selected for the review.
I took a financially unsound young lady to assist with the review process to make it a bit more objective.


I had the ackee salad, reggae rice, tossed salad and salmon. The meal was very good, I especially enjoyed the ackee and breadfruit salad. We arrived late so the salad was not as warm as I would have liked, but good just the same. The reggae rice was really jammin’ so none was left for disposal. I was not a big fan of the butter fish fillet and salmon, it was ok but in my opinion not great.


I must commend the manager Mr. Brown who offered exceptional customer service. I guarantee you will never find better customer service on campus! We did not have any cheese ravioli and he personally took a plate for us to try. It was wonderful! At least the bit I got to taste. Should I take a more financially sound person next time? In my opinion she thoroughly enjoyed her meal.


This is what my fellow reviewer had to say:

“The reggae rice was my favorite part of the meal. Extremely savory, but the herbs did not overpower the overall flavor of the dish. The black eyed peas in the rice paired well with the Salmon. I’d eat the salmon and the rice together as a complete meal by itself. If Pages should add the reggae rice and the salmon to their regular menu, I’d gladly pay an additional $100 to the usual (exorbitant) cost.”


Fancy cakes and fruits forms a regular part of the dessert menu.

Pages Cafe

It is important to note that due to the high operating costs, the quality of the meals and the service provided, it is more expensive when compared to the average dining options. Visit the Deck today and let the manager know you were referred by Aldeam’s blog and you may just get a discount!

You may also find Page’s soup, pasta salad and sandwiches at the UWI book shop.

Are you willing to give the Deck a try? Let me know in the comment section below! Two lucky persons will be treated.

-Aldeam Facey 2015

4 thoughts on “Pages Cafe: The Upper Level: Where UWI’s High Class Eats

  1. Lex-Anne says:

    I don’t recall having lunch there. Sounds like a thing the financially unsound such as myself can only afford to do once a year.

    1. Aldeam Facey says:

      Lol ok cool

  2. Riese S says:

    I’ve tried it … got treated by my coworkers for my birthday when I was an intern at UWI. It really is top-notch. That being said…I’ve never gone back there with my own money :-).

    1. Aldeam Facey says:

      Awesome…. You should go back and support when you get the chance.

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