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Covid-19, Curfew and the Opportunities for eSports!

eSport, according to Borowy & Jin, 2013, is competitive human vs human digital game play. It is an extremely competitive arena where players use information and communication technologies to facilitate a test of extreme skill in a variety of gaming genres. Over the years, there has been much debate about whether one would classify eSport, […]

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Pages Cafe: The Upper Level: Where UWI’s High Class Eats

Ever wondered where UWI’s lecturers and principal eat? Ever thought of taking a girl on a date but you can’t afford to go off campus? Ever in need of a place to practice proper dining etiquette? Well Page’s Cafe the upper level may put all wondering thoughts to rest. I did a review of the […]

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The University Of The West Indies Supports Farmers

Imagine a world where you could shop for fresh produce at an upper class University but pay downtown prices. Well you don’t have to imagine it, the University of the West Indies (UWI) has made it possible. This Friday UWI will host yet another farmers market to make it easier for students and staff to […]