New Year’s Resolution: Start The Year A Saint, End The Year A Sinner?

At sunset this evening it will be the start of a new year. Yes, sunset. As we reflect on the accomplishments of 2015 we must thank God that we have survived this long. 2016 is not at all a new beginning, simply an indicator of the passing of time. With that said there is no need for fancy resolutions.



A resolution according to my good friend Google is a “firm decision to do or not to do something”. Every year I hear persons saying they have a resolution for the new year. One that will make them more successful or progressive, but after a few weeks much emphasis isn’t placed on the very same resolution. So what is it about the new year that makes it so special? It is one of the few times in the year when the churches are packed and vows are made by congregants to be a better person in the new year. Sounds good on paper but to me it’s just male bovine waste product.

Why do you have to wait until the start of the year to make a decision regarding an improvement in your life? Time is a continuum and it doesn’t stop or slow down at the start or the end of any month. Resolutions can be made and should be made at anytime of the year. The emphasis placed on the new year’s resolutions is a representation of society’s often unnecessary influence. I remember years ago, when I was young, I made the resolution to stop eating meat at the start of the new year! To date, I eat more meat than bad boy Trevor. Well… maybe not. But I was not ready for that transition and if I do so in the middle of the year when I can go through with it, that will be a better resolution for me to make.

Make changes that you are really serious about and despite the time the changes are made, you will be able to maintain the change. That way you don’t start the year a “Saint” and end a “Sinner”.

Happy new year!

– Aldeam Facey 2015

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