The Best Food Combinations in Jamaica

Some foods are in common law relationships, others dating around and some are in long term marriages. In this post we are only looking at married pairs. These foods belong together and there is no separating them. I believe the persons who made these discoveries should be recognized for their contribution to great food. In no particular order, here are 10 great food pairs we regularly eat in Jamaica.

Bulla and Avocado (pear)

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Bulla is the name given to a flat cake often made with ginger flavor. When combined with avocado releases an explosion of flavor in your mouth. I only purchase bulla when I have avocados.

Ackee and Saltfish

I talked about this in my previous post. Jamaica’s national dish and a top ranked meal on the world’s stage.

Coconut and Corn

Who thought of this???

I have only seen this one place in Jamaica and that is Heroes Circle near cross roads. An unlikely combination that some say works. It didn’t hit the spot for me but you can try it and judge for yourself.

Mackerel and Rice

Mackerel, otherwise called ‘dutty gal’ is the name given to this tinned fish meal. It is also the name given to an inedible social media personality. Though a certain man would disagree 👀. Mackerel is often paired with white rice and is a quick and easy meal that it is alleged no one can spoil. Not even Ms. Little.

Fried fish and Festival

A popular combination along the coast, especially the south coast of the island. Try the festival at Boardwalk beach. Simply divine!

Rice and Peas

If ackee and saltfish wasn’t our national dish, this surely would be. A go-to meal for Sunday dinner.

Jerk Chicken and Bread

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This is our street food! Smoke grilled chicken compressed with flavor makes a great partner for fresh bread.

Curry Goat and Roti

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The Indian roots are strong in this one but we have made it ours! An excellent pair.

Dumpling and Butter

Sometimes simple does it. The easiest meal you will ever prepare from scratch, often associated with low income households, is a delicious treat any day of the week.

Oxtail and Beans

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This one is on the more expensive side but, its worth the expense. With meat cooked tender under pressure, until the flesh slips off the bone is best when simmered with beans. Bikkles restaurant at Sovereign Plaza, Liguanea, used to make great oxtail. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case as the quality has depreciated significantly. If you know another restaurant that makes this well let me know!

Did I miss anything? Have you tried it all?

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  1. Never tried coconut and corn before- interesting! Others I can think of; cabbage, callaloo or pak choi and saltfish, bun and cheese. This post has made me hungry 🙂

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