I tremble every time I hear the thunder of a new video. Which is followed by that deep altered voice bringing greetings to the people. Being a seasoned 87 I know one day my name will be called. I rest assured however, that my kerosene will be fine, but bad man’s life is never long.

Politrickswatch.com/youtube/Politricks watch

Politricks Watch is a YouTube channel with accompanying website and social media pages run by the anonymous ‘Sir P’ which aims at bringing to light critical issues facing Jamaica.

The channel highlights interesting topics including crime, the rise and fall of gangs, corrupt politicians, the influence of dancehall and more. He uploads videos daily and allows subscribers to contribute insider information about criminal activities. The aim is to make the population aware of what is going on in Jamaica, with the hope that education can effect solutions to problems that have plagued Jamaica for decades. Whoever he is doesn’t matter, as his intentions appear to be good. I write this piece to encourage you to consider this channel to add to your subscription. You will be amazed. He uses codes to describe people so it may be hard to follow at first.

To get you started, here are a few terms he uses so you don’t get confused watching his videos:

1. Octane (87, 90, 116.) and kerosene, he is not talking about Petrojam (well….usually 👀). He is basically defining degrees of criminals. The higher the number the higher the rank. Kerosene = females.

2. Patreon Squad – Donors.

3. Vulture Squad – People who pick the scraps of his content for their own gains. 👀

4. LIQs – Low levels of intelligence.

5. Simple Simon – A fictitious character who mimics the views of LIQs

I started watching his YouTube videos when he had about 40,000 subscribers and in only a few months he rose to nearly 200,000 and I believe this channel will very soon be the top YouTube channel in Jamaica, musicians not included. While I support the movement and I am pleased with the growth and that his message is being distributed, I am very disappointed that while he is talking about crime and corruption in Jamaica, there is SO MUCH CONTENT!

Go forth and be informed!


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