Pro Tip: Do Not Buy A Brand Name Luxury Car!

It is said that men with really nice cars are compensating for some small issue in their lives. I must admit, I have a small issue myself which is why I own a luxury car. I must say that it does fix my issues quite well and I would recommends such a move to other guys with similar issues. Anyway I want to talk about fancy cars today. Specifically manufacturers who make luxury cars almost exclusively. I’m going to use Mercedes as a reference but this applies to all luxury cars.

No doubt, Mercedes makes quality, great looking vehicles. I’ve had the privilege of being chauffeured in a Mercedes Benz and it was a lovely experience. It was nothing mind blowing but you could tell they didn’t cut corners making the car. I inquired the cost of the car and all of a sudden it didn’t feel so comfortable anymore. The price didn’t sit well with me. It is however the norm for luxury cars to be extremely expensive. I saw an ad a few days ago for a 2017 Porche Cayenne going for 11 million dollars. Let me correct that price to ’11 milleon dollers’, because I would have to do some ‘twanging’ to raise enough money to buy it. For that price I could buy a small house in the country and an new entry-level non-luxury car, with change to spare. In fact, I could but a brand new Toyota Hilux and have 3.5 million left over and I can guarantee you that a Hilux will last longer, go further and is a more practical vehicle.

If you have the money to buy a luxury brand that option is yours but based on the following reasons, I recommend buying non-luxury brands.

The Attention

Driving a brand name luxury car attracts attention. For men with issues this may be a good thing but for me, that’s something I can live without. You may become a target for thieves or beggars so the attention you attract may not be the attention you want. There is social bias in the driving world as well. I have seen where at security checks, security guards choose not to inquire about the nature of visits of persons driving a brand name car. You may be viewed as a high profile person based on the vehicle you drive. I don’t want to be perceived in such a manner so a luxury car is not for me. I don’t want to own the most cows, I want to suck the most milk. #humblecalf

The Maintenance Cost And Time

A Benz owner told me that for her general service, she pays $60,000 just for them to look at her car. Yes, the inspection alone cost $60,000! That could fully service my old Honda three times. High maintenance cost combined with a high initial cost makes buying a luxury brand a poor financial decision. It is also harder to source parts for luxury vehicles as due to the limited number, imports may be done on a case by case basis. When supply is low the cost will be high so independent of the quality of the parts, the cost of parts for luxury brands will be high. Given the limited availability of parts and the likelihood that importation will be required for most luxury brands, the time it will take to get back on the road is very long. If you have a Honda Civic or a Toyota Probox and your windshield is cracked, you can get it replaced same day. For a luxury brand, an order for a shipment has to be made and it may take 3-4 months to get your car repaired. I have experienced this very issue.

The Other Options

Many luxury cars are the product of parent companies that primarily focus on non-luxury cars. My car is a Toyota Sai. It’s pretty much the same car as the Lexus HS 250, but for a reduced cost. I therefore get all the bells and whistles without the expensive cost. Branding is everything and you pay for brands. A lot of luxury car features are available at a fraction of the cost if you are willing to buy other brands. The interesting thing to note is that often times its the same parent company making both vehicles. Lexus is just a fancy Toyota, Acura is just a fancy Honda and you can get the same quality car for less.

So, if you want a car that performs well, looks good and has all the modern features you want, just rest assured there are many options that rival luxury brands for a fraction of the cost. Special treatment isn’t enough to justify the disadvantages of owning a brand name luxury car. Here are some of the best luxury cars made by non-luxury brands.

My Only Justifications For Buying Luxury Brands

  1. For marketing! If you sell scams such as world ventures tours then you may want to drive a luxury brand to make your lies more believable. For selling yourself, you may want to be perceived as wealthy and so it may pay off to go with a luxury brand.
  2. Money isn’t an issue! If you are truly wealthy and a specific vehicle is what you want then feel free to go for it. You may also want to consider a charity.
  3. For the ladies! Well if you need a luxury brand to achieve success here, than you have a bigger problem than you think. Confidence.

Do you own a brand name vehicle? Let me know in the comment section how small your penis is why you made your purchase.

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