Poem: My Very Expressive Neighbors

I’m not one to count the strokes of life,

Not the curious cat who listens to his neighbor’s wife.

I’m not the one who opposes shouts of affirmative confirmation,

But at three in the morning, I would prefer silent meditation.

I’ve never met you personally, but I already know your name,

And with shouts of “Oh Lord” and ” Oh Jesus”, I know our God’s the same.

Just hearing the sounds I know this man is very clever,

He knows exactly where to put it as he shouts “A de bess sumthn dis ever”.

I didn’t know that cocks crow this early,

But based on his crows I know the gate is pearly.

Patiently I wait for the pearly gates to be shut,

But they seem to believe they live in an isolated hut.

They don’t appear to realize that children are around,

Who will wake mommy or daddy asking “why are they making that sound?”

I’m not one to point you out in the crowd.

But my dear neighbors, you are way….way too loud!

– Aldeam Facey 2015

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