How To Lose Weight

There are many programs which promise weight loss which don’t work for most people. But the issue of weight management is very simple. You need to understand the simple science behind weigh gain and weight loss. What you ‘put in’ is directly proportional to what you ‘put on’, provided that physical activity remains constant.

If you cannot decrease the quantity of food consumed, then you will need to exercise. If you cannot exercise due to time constrains or some other reason, then you will need to decrease your food intake. Yes it is that simple.

There are a number of disorders that influence increased fat storage and make it more difficult to lose weight these include:


Insulin Resistance (Type 2 Diabetes)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


Cushing’s Syndrome


Alcohol Consumption

We Can Help

At the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Biochemistry Section, we provide assessments (anthropometric and biochemical) that would be of great assistance in weight and fitness management. These services are offered for free!* So here is what we do: First we measure your blood pressure, height and weight using the most precise equipment available. We determine your body fat percentage, lean mass, risk of developing type 2 diabetes and the exact amount of calories needed to maintain current body weight with present level of activity. We also provide a breakdown of the calorie content of our most commonly consumed meals.

The biochemical analysis performed include HbA1c content (this is basically the amount of sugar attached to your red blood cells) and fasting glucose concentration (type 2 diabetes diagnosis). We also perform serum lipid analysis (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides) and various serum protein tests. Many other tests can be performed on request.

We will also recommend and connect you with professional trainers (their services are not free of cost).

This body of knowledge will form the basis of a more healthy and fulfilling life. To receive your free assessment contact me below:

You will be contacted within 12 hours.

*Conditions Apply

– Aldeam Facey 2015

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  1. rime says:

    To lose weight easily, the pH of the body must reach almost 7.4, which is slightly alkaline.
    Preserving the acid-base balance is simple: force the alkalizing foods (vegetables, fruits, white meat and fish), curb conso products leaving acid residues (soft drinks, coffee, sugar, red meat in excess, cheese cooked) and relax.

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