Why Do Jamaican Men Love Trinidadian Women?

During a discussion with a friend of mine, we both noted that many of the Jamaican men are hunting the Trinidadian meat. It led to the question; why do we find the Trinidadian women so appealing? Is it the accent? Is it the culture? Is it …. the ‘wine’?

I never had much association with our Caribbean neighbors until I was enrolled at the University of the West Indies, Mona (UWI). UWI, your place to shine, the premier institution for tertiary education in the Caribbean, the school of the culturally integrated. I had the opportunity to engage with and learn of the various cultures in the Caribbean which are all very interesting. But one of the most striking things for me was the relaxing, erotic accent of our Trinidadian neighbors. Thats one thing I wouldn’t mind listening to all day.

I spent a year boarding at the AZ Preston hall, the hall of halls, the hall of the specially selected few, the place where everyone wants to live, but not everyone gets to, the hall possessing the most visually appealing landscapes. While living at AZ Preston hall I engaged in several hall activities and enjoyed the various competitions the hall had to offer. I can recall so very clearly, while yet a ‘press man’ not yet worthy of the “Prestonite” title, there was a competition, a ‘wineing’ competition. Yes, there was a Trinidadian girl involved. So all of the Jamaican girls did their thing and I thought they were pretty good, until the Trini hit the stage. She did unspeakable things with her waist! My mind was blown at the girl with the super rotating waist! She was so flexible, acrobatic and energetic, all eyes were glued on her. She did it with such ease and I never looked at her the same way again.  We eventually became very good friends.

For some reason whenever I see a Jamaican man with a Trinidadian woman, It is almost always a long term relationship! They last! I refuse to believe its just the accent or the ‘wine’, there is something here and I just can’t put my finger on it. Are Trinidadian women more faithful? Are they more willing? The Trinidadian culture is very different, there are certain things that most Jamaican ladies frown upon, that the Trini ladies enjoy doing (the art of deduction becomes quite necessary here). It appears that its the exciting nature of the Trinidadian women that we find appealing, a combination of several variables instead of one particular thing. Once a Trini lady has a grip on you, you’re tied.

I spoke with another friend of mine who was in a long term relationship with a Trinidadian lady. He says it’s not because she is a Trinidadian but men just like something new, something different. Variety is the spice of life and the combination of two different cultures always produce something exciting.

Is this a wake up call for our Jamaican ladies? Should they be worried? Should they be doing more to excite us?

– Aldeam Facey 2015

4 thoughts on “Why Do Jamaican Men Love Trinidadian Women?

  1. Lex-Anne says:

    Haha!. Youre funny. I guess its the same reason Jamaican women love trini guys.. They’re more open minded and they know how to have a good time.

    1. Aldeam Facey says:

      Lol interesting

  2. anaelrich says:

    Lol… No.. probably just a matter of thinking that “the grass is greener on the other side”…haha

  3. denden says:

    variety is the spice of life and you may say rice and peas, and i say peas and rice however, at the end of the day we all hook up

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