A Scientific Analysis of the Reason Jamaican Men Cheat

The very interesting song by Christopher Martin “Cheaters Prayer” is a prayer to God to help him not to cheat on his faithful girlfriend. He also requests that if God (the supernatural being who created the world) cannot stop him from cheating, then he should prevent him from being caught! Based on this song Chris is basically saying he has no self-control. Mhhh could Chris be on to something here?

So, you’re a beautiful woman both inside and out. You have everything going in your favor. You are faithful to your partner and would do anything for him. You find out one day that he cheated, you don’t understand why and it hurts even more if you realize the person he cheated on you with is so very unattractive. You are confused, you question yourself, your value, you question everything. I am going to explain the possible reason your spouse cheated from a scientific perspective.

Please note that this does not justify the act or indicate in any way that I support it.

Research was done on the sexual relationships between drosophila flies. I will briefly summarize. So the female fly was placed in a confined space with several male flies and it was observed that she mated with one male fly. On the other hand the male fly was exposed to a similar environment being in a confined space with several female flies but this time the male fly mated with several female flies. The reason this happens can be summarized in one phrase “Natural Selection”. The flies have a very short lifespan and one fundamental aim of living organisms is to ensure the continuation of their progeny.

Now if a fertile female mates with a fertile male, there is a chance she will produce an offspring. Now if the female mates with multiple males the chance does not increase given that she has “fixed” reproductive cells. Simply, if a female mates with 10 males it is likely she will produce 1 child belonging to 1 of the 10 partners. By contrast, if a fertile male mates with 10 fertile females he is likely to produce 10 offspring. Therefore, it is more beneficial for a male to have multiple mating partners while the opposite is true for females. This is what those ‘sciency’ people call ‘sexual conflict’.



Now research on the said drosophila flies also found that the lifespan of the female flies decrease with increasing number of mating partners! In humans, it is very similar, increasing numbers of partners increases the chances of a female developing cervical cancer (because of HPV). It is also easier for females to contract HIV but that’s another topic.

In choosing a mate, females in the animal kingdom tend to be more selective. Female giraffes prefer males with longer necks (more dominant). Male birds are more attractive/colourful and they use this to attract females (I guess female birds want pretty babies). These are defined as secondary sexual characteristics and are a part of sexual selection. If a male does not have the desired secondary sexual characteristics, females will not mate with him and his genes will die out. Males are not as selective, as long as the female is fertile he will mate with her. The female giraffe will pee into the mouth of the male giraffe, the male can tell if she is on heat from the taste of her pee. That is pretty much all the male giraffe wants to know, your pee taste good, you’re mine!

What are the secondary sexual characteristics in humans? Mating, according to research provides significant level of pleasure to the participants, this ensures that humans will continue to mate despite the desire to reproduce. When it relates to sex and just sex, men just want a young fertile lady, it doesn’t matter if she is rich or poor, intelligent or otherwise, nothing really matters. The males desire to mate with a female is however emphasized if her figure indicates fertility (small waist in relation to hip).

Traditionally speaking Jamaican women tend to be attracted to tall, big, older, more confident alpha males. Is that the major sexual characteristic now? Well, how about money? Nowadays if you have money you could be a small guy, a young guy, a shy guy or just a Bop from the Gully, you will still attract females even though they prefer the aforementioned features.

Jamaica is a tropical island. We do not experience significant variations in the weather and especially with summer upon us, it gets quite hot at times. As a result, we do not dress as the Eskimos, female clothing tend to facilitate rapid cooling. Majority of our population also is of a West African decent and as a result, our ladies tend to be blessed with curves and huge hips which are indicators of fertility. This combination leads men into temptation.

So how do you prevent your partner from cheating?

Well, that’s a tough one, but I think I have a simple answer I am sure you will disagree with. But if your partner is a cheater and that’s his intention, there isn’t much you can do to stop him. My solution is this; you should figure out what you want and make a decision to face the consequences. If you meet your partner and become involved with him knowing he was initially with someone else, be prepared, he will cheat on you too. If you want a macho guy that all the ladies are drooling for, a guy you always have to have your eyes on in fear another girl will try a ting, then go right ahead. But if you want someone who will never cheat, someone who will be yours forever (or until you decide), someone with whom you can feel secure knowing he will not hurt you then here is what you do. Go for that unattractive man no other girl wants, that guy who couldn’t cheat even if he wanted to, that man who would do anything for you knowing that its only through grace that he is with you. Problem solved, you may leave your thank yous in the comment section below.

Finally, as humans we are the most intelligent beings on this planet. Our brain gives us the ability to choose despite feelings. Cheating is a choice and not an innate need. So while our sexual desires may give us the inclination to mate with multiple partners, it is our duty to allow reasonable logic to prevail.

Gentlemen, don’t cheat on your spouse, you would have a fit if she cheated on you.

19 thoughts on “A Scientific Analysis of the Reason Jamaican Men Cheat

  1. Hanna says:

    I love this article Aldeam. Great compare and contrast technique, and very informative. Its funny how females should settle for an unattractive male inoder to feel secure while the unattractive male gets to beauty and security. Then again who are we to classify anyone as ‘ugly’ or ‘unattractive’ when we were all created in the image and likeness of God.

    1. Joanne Salomon says:

      Hi everyone my name is Joanne my guy is jamaican and my family are also from.the Caribbean I feel jamaican men have nasty habits and they don’t know how to treat their woman with respect so.its easier for him to degrade her ,Me personally feel why not go after loose girls with no decency that would sleep with just about anything leave us sweet ladies alone half of the girls you running after cant even cook, not wife material so that’s so sad so humiliating

  2. Amanda says:

    Awesome article…. I really enjoyed reading…….

    1. Aldeam Facey says:

      Thank you!

  3. pommells says:

    Reblogged this on BLOGGING RIGHTS.

    1. Aldeam Facey says:


  4. I don’t know whether to laugh or take it seriously… the song, I mean. I know the situation is very real. You don’t want to cheat, but something inside you….smh… That’s why I think making a promise or a commitment too early in life hurt relationships and people more often than it should.

  5. rootsgal says:

    “All Jamaican men are narcissist & misogynist”. > confirmed by > (Female Jamaican-American primary care doctor in the USA)
    Gaslighting, lying, cheating, stealing, rages, destruction of property.
    ZERO SKILLS, low self esteem, is why.
    Keep perpetuating the stereotype.

    Brother deported after serving time in JAIL, for “molesting” Jamaican sisters, daughter, in the US.
    “Him nah-dweet”…yeah right.
    We hate dem gay people but “fngering” likkle gals is irie.

    “Respect” & “One Love” are commercials for tourism.
    It’s not real.
    No respect, 800 lovers~

    1. It is not fair to say ‘All’ Jamaican men. I do understand your view based on what you have seen. That guy deserves time in jail.

  6. Morgan Smith says:

    While an interesting read, this article is not based on any real facts, other than the fly research. It really sounds like excuses for men who don’t have self-control. I have both dated and married Jamaican men and know firsthand about their nonsensical excuses for infidelity. The Jamaican culture not only allows but encourages men to be unfaithful to the women they claim to love. It has become evident to me that a number of Jamaican men, NOT ALL, are simply suffering from the inability to truly love a woman unconditionally and on a spiritual level, because they have been taught and raised to be guarded and emotionless. They simply don’t have the ability to be faithful and true to one woman. True love and fidelity requires vulnerability which is not encouraged or allowed in the Jamaican culture. Ladies please don’t believe that an “unattractive “ man, Jamaican or otherwise will not cheat. Ask yourself, who is he unattractive to? He will be attractive to anybody that he charms. Clearly it’s not all about looks. Unattractive men use their other assets and personality characteristics to get involved with anyone they choose. Infidelity is much deeper than outward appearance. Thank you for your perspective.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experiences… We indeed can be terrible men. Unfortunately the ladies are joining the trend. Will share some experiences in later blogs

  7. Joanne Salomon says:

    The best way to deal with a jamaican man is get revenge or get even with their ass you want your woman to play bro ok baby let’s play I mean that’s what you want you want a open relationship so let’s get down what’s up, two could play this game guys remember that but I’m praying for you all because god is gonna strike hes real so keep doing your deceitful shit

    1. Did he cheat on you?

  8. Leo says:

    All primates males live polygamous lifestyle except for humans. Something isn’t right here.

  9. Ennai says:

    Regarding your suggestion of finding the most unattractive and undesirable man – I think that one of the things that make a man attractive to women is seeing him in a stable relationship with an attractive, successful woman. They begin to think that there must be “something” about him why she chose him in the first place! This will immediately increase his options for cheating, and it will hurt more knowing an undesirable cheated on you.

    My advice is to move slowly and try to ascertain a man’s values. His home of origin is also important. If his father and all his uncles are cheaters, the chances of him being faithful drastically decreases.

    Also, all Jamaican men aren’t cheaters. While I can’t “swear for anyone”, I was raised by a man who came home every night and never seen my mother arguing with another woman, my brother has a reputation of treating women well and being faithful, and I have a few uncles with good reputations as well. As such, I do believe that faithful men (including Jamaican men) exist and when I have been cheated on, I immediately move on as self-control is a characteristic I seek in a partner.

    1. Wow I love this comment

  10. Bobby says:

    It would be interesting to do a scientific analysis on why Jamaican women cheat. Many Jamaican women have 3 or more baby daddies

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