An Investigation of the Increased Frequency of Vaginal ‘Consumption’ Among Jamaican Men: A Pilot Survey

Jamaica has for years embraced the culture of “oral sex rejection”, men forbidden to taste the juices of the labia, women frowned upon for taking the pole in the other hole. The nation’s opposition was clearly expressed in the music and 15 years ago one would not expect a public confession relating to the matter. It is clear the level of acceptance has increased as time progresses so I thought it would be a good idea to ask a few men their views. The responses are summarized below:

Bushy Puss

Bushy Puss

These individuals were randomly selected but I made sure I had a diverse mix, Christian, Rastafarian, Non-religious etc. They were asked “What are your views on cunnilingus and do you partake in such activities”. They were assured they had the right not to answer any questions and if they agreed, their names will not be used without permission. Here are the responses:

Anonymous 1: “Bwoy If mi wife seh she want it enuh, and she must have it, then I will do it, but I won’t suggest it. I have to make sure she is satisfied at home to prevent her from cheating.”

So he is basically saying he is going to hold his wife at home…with his tongue!  

Chad: “Yow mi nuh know enuh.” nervously looks away. “I have no views.. I doe know.” looks away “I …I …”

Guilt was written all over his face. 

Don: “When you have yuh wife, you affi love every part a har.”

Every Part!

Anonymous 2: “Boy mi nuh inna dat enuh. Yow doa use mi name enuh.”

“He seemed a little uncomfortable.”

Vin: “Yow inna di ghetto weh mi grow up every man seh fire pon dem ting deh enuh. But now a days people a do it more and more. Mi neva dweet yet still but…”

Interrupted but based on the progress of that conversation I’ll classify him as; Unsure.

Anonymous 3: “People do what dem waa do enuh, mi nuh see ntn wrong with it”

Translation: Mi do weh mi waa do enuh, I eat if I waa eat.

A group of 3 guys, Anonymous 2 was also present as he wanted to hear what the others had to say.

David: “I don’t see anything wrong with it”

Anonymous 2: “Fi real as long as you doing it with just that one girl”

Anonymous 4: “Yow pum pum fi eat! Mi naa hide an talk! Das why my girl love me enuh. All when e jaw dem big an yuh…” PG – It was also interesting to note the increased moisture around his mouth as he made his rant.

Anonymous 2: “Yow mi did have dis Trini girl and she wanted to do it. I told her she may but I won’t do it back. Knowing that I am not into it, she touched herself and wiped her juices all over my face. But mi tell my faada long time seh mi naa dweet still but ntn nuh really wrong with it. A man and a woman can do anything dem want as long as no anus is involved”

Anonymous 4: “No, man and woman can do anything even in the bottom”

Anonymous 2: “If yuh dweet inna woman bottom, yuh a still ‘IT’. My youte you a IT”

“IT” in this case was used to refer to homosexuality. The conversation got even deeper but in sticking to the point that is all I will share.

Rasta: “Before we get personal let us look at the wider issue from an intellectual perspective and define the…..”

He went on and on but did not answer a single question. Why did he so obviously avoid the question? Could the Rasta be a consumer of the “Porky”?

Pablo: Well I don’t support it. Based on my culture, how I grew up I just despise the idea. The women I have been with were able to climax without oral intervention (inserts rant about sexual prowess here). Also the smell of the Vagina I have encountered isn’t very pleasing”

Personal hygiene is very important.

So based on this pilot survey a whopping %70 of respondents are supportive of cunnilingus. Not all the responses can be noted here but when in a group I observed that men are more likely to oppose oral sex. It was also noted that when one individual confesses, the others present are more likely to have an open mind regarding the topic. I would like to do a follow-up using females, at the end of which I may express my personal views.

Sex has become like an extreme sport. Persons are doing “weird” and abnormal things to find pleasure. Is this associated with pornography and sexual promiscuity? The “ordinary” now appears boring and new fields are being explored. There are even talks about scheduled meetings of the anus and the tongue! That sounds very disgusting, but will it, 20 years from now? Sex was designed for a man and his wife, what they do in the bedroom is really their business, but even so, should there be a limit? Lets talk about it, what are your views? Comment below. Men, please click an answer below so we may have much more representative data.

– Aldeam Facey 2015

12 thoughts on “An Investigation of the Increased Frequency of Vaginal ‘Consumption’ Among Jamaican Men: A Pilot Survey

  1. Island Girl says:

    This post made me laugh so much , the gut who said it fi nyam , him brazen brah . Typical of a Rasta Man to stray from the point.
    But in truth and in fact what a person does within the confines of their bedroom is their busy , if them want to eat the V , P or a hotdog while in the process why should it matter to anyone else. Now when it becomes public that something else. I think society has become highly sexualized and too comparative in their sex life , especially men.
    Porn , peer pressure and curiosity has caused for individuals extremities.
    Great post tho , interesting survey.

    1. Aldeam Facey says:

      Thanks Island Girl!

  2. Ice says:

    Studies have shown that the female vagina is ten times cleaner than the human mouth. With that in mind I have no reservations to a guy who opts to perform cunnilingus on a woman who he has a strict monogamous relationship with. Preferably his wife. But to each his own. There is freedom in choices.

  3. Fuju says:

    I’m waiting to hear your take on the matter. If a married couple is “free” to engage in sex, why we wanna have limits? Do we need to police their bedrooms too? We still putting our noses in people’s buiness that’s our problem. Dem married, dem have right to explore each other any way they please, to please each other.

    1. Aldeam Facey says:

      In the name of ‘freedom’ huh!….Interesting view

  4. NeseSno says:

    DWL! Well if you’re married then you may do as you please with each other. It’s sexist of men to want but not return oral sex. But at the end of the day people have to consider cleanliness, HOWEVER, if that’s the excuse the man is giving then he must accept same from the woman.
    On another note, these people seem very insecure with their views, which is the biggest problem. Fear of expressing who you are and what you really want always lead to break down in relationships.
    My belief is that if two people are so sprung, then in the heat of the moment, they won’t even realize they’re engaging in oral sex. Then again, if they’re already so self-conscious about expressing themselves……

  5. Mara says:

    You know as a woman I grew up hearing men begging a “piece” from women and they treat the female genitalia like it’s separate from her whole body, like it’s her most prized possession, so i don’t get it when some men lash out at the oral sex issue. With that said, if people look at it as pleasuring their partner (and I mean with one person here, not every partner one has had) then they can separate themselves from the negative connotations associated with oral sex. To each his own…

  6. i once read an article in the gleaner about how oral sex is a growing cause of throat cancer and other mouth infections. Also can you imagine having a friend that do oral sex and you never new about it, then that friend beg you some of your juice or ice cream. It wouldn’t be nice to know that them eat eno. With that being said, i should start walking with straws, spoon and forks, justin case.

  7. pommells says:

    How is a vagina ten times cleaner than the human mouth? Studies show my a%&. I never studied that. Not that anything is wrong with whoever wants to consume or orally ingest the vaginal cavity. But i just don’t see how someone can say it is in anyway cleaner than the mouth. on what day ????

  8. anaelrich says:

    lol… Why are we still having this discussion in 2015? I mean, if you don’t like to do it or your partner doesn’t enjoy receiving it, then by all means don’t do it. But to find cunnilingus dirty or “beneath you” is just ridiculous and old fashioned imo. If a vagina is too dirty for your mouth, it should be too dirty for your penis too…!

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