How to React When an Unmarried Church Sister Gets Pregnant

Pi squared plus the cube root of tan minus the hypotenuse of… Ok scratch that, there is no formula for the quantification of sin. No hierarchal structure segregating the various transgressions. There are no uptown sins or downtown sins, no sophisticated sins or ghetto sins. Sin a sin! No sin is greater than the other and we are not qualified to cast the first or second stone simply because we sin differently.

So a church sister gets pregnant. Yes, it may be a little surprising at first, you are wondering “Should I say congratulations or should I say oops?” Well here is a list of what not to say and what you may:

What NOT to say

“The blood is against you” 

Who gave you the power to put any blood against anyone?

“OMG what happened?” 

Please don’t ask such stupid questions, you know what happened. The penis entered the vagina several times until the… What am I doing? You know what happened.

“Quickly! Get married now!”

Shotgun marriages are things of the past. Don’t force people to get married, especially with the high divorce rate.

“So, you found out how the water walked to the pumpkin’s belly”

If you say this then you are an old 80 year old woman who has never had a spouse all her life and thrives on the mistakes of the young.

“Was it an accident?”

-_- yea, she just tripped and fell right into pregnancy. Again, don’t ask stupid questions.

What You May Say


Children are blessings from God. Be very thankful especially for a successful birth!

“Is it a boy or a girl”

Express ‘GENUINE’ interest in the baby. Let the couple know you care.

“Is everything okay? Do you need anything?”

Offer assistance where possible.

“Can I be the Godfather/mother?”

Again offer assistance if needed.

And finally, ensure you invite your sister to church. She may be a little embarrassed, but be there to provide encouragement. Spiritual help is needed more than anything to bring comfort.

Sexual temptation is a very powerful thing and as a young man I find significant contrast between the desires of the ‘flesh’ and that of the ‘spirit’.

Flesh vs spirit (A - Facey 2013)

Whenever I see a young lady with a waist hip ratio of 0.6, a concentration of adipocytes around and over her gluteus maximus, who walks as if her spine is permanently concave, quite often my bulbospongiosus muscle does not refrain from contracting itself. So I know too well the difficulties associated with temptation. Without spiritual help, how will we overcome? Humans are not perfect, but thanks to grace its perfectly okay not to be, as we aim to be the best we can. Sexual sins, like lying, stealing and coveting the possessions of others are all opposed by God. It is therefore not fair to judge simply because an individual’s sin has been made obvious, remember God knows our every thought.

Let us encourage and assist each other to avoid sin in all its forms. Pray for the guidance of the holy spirit to direct our every actions and decisions as we recognize that alone, without God, we may do nothing.

– Aldeam Facey 2015

13 thoughts on “How to React When an Unmarried Church Sister Gets Pregnant

  1. itztatybabi says:

    Amen!!! Love this I’m dying

    1. Shauna says:

      To know this came from a gentleman is absolutely wonderful. I appreciate this article because I am a church sister who got pregnant out of wedlock.

      1. Aldeam Facey says:

        Thank you I’m happy someone who experienced it can appreciate this article.
        nuff love ma sis

  2. David Nelson says:

    Great read Aldeam. Was laughing out hell at verbosity of your description of arousal. I learnt some new words today. That said I glad a church brother has come out and written this, to remove the stigma that Christians are judgemental. Anyways, keep up the good work my brother

  3. Hanna says:

    Bless the Lord…. Very good article.

  4. Hilly says:

    My thoughts: It’s not perfectly ok to nt b perfect…the good thing is thT provisions have been made for our imperfection.forgiveness is free but not to b taken for we are admonished in 1 Peter 1:15 and 16. We are to strive to b as our father….. We must never find ourselves saying it’s ok to sin, don’t get comfi…sin is pleasurable for only a season until we start to reap it’s wages or byproducts of such. Even if u engage, ask The Lord to help u find ur way back to him.and yes, we know we’ve done wrong, please avoid the dull witted questions.

  5. Damar Nagheer says:

    On point from the opening sentence.

  6. LC says:

    Not only was this on point, but you anatomical accuracy was refreshing and amusing! Too often we condemn folks when they slip up. The only difference between their sin and yours is that now theirs is visible and you are still able to conceal yours from your pastor/fellow saints!

  7. Oshando says:

    Yet again, a well written and applicable post! Quite hilarious but the facts are certainly clear. We all have our challenges and issues so we have no right to treat anyone as outcasts.

  8. Amanda says:

    Beautiful article… I totally endorse this….

  9. tracey says:

    well written…

  10. candy says:

    Wonderful article, very humorous, veeeery true, to err is human, no need for condemnation. Well written, thumbs up, 👍👍

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